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Mace & Crown | February 20, 2018

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Fan Plan: The last event at the Jewish Mother

By: Donell “DJ” Williams

Local DJs Fantastic Planet are known to put on a fantastic time. And as the Jew­ish Mother opened its Oceanfront doors for the last time, there was a definite sense of fi­nality. There was much excitement and hype about this event, and the DJs pulled out all stops.

Asking people about the event, all seemed eager to attend. “All you need to know is that you won’t be disappointed,” said fan Rochelle Baltazar. Zack Trowbridge echoed her sentiments. “Its like being six at Chuck E Cheese, but with better music!”

While many people were excited for this party, the night was bittersweet – this would be the last one at the Hampton Roads staple, the Jewish Mother.

Opened in 1975, the Jewish Mother has been the hallmark venue for local musicians in Hampton Roads. Good food drew crowds during the day, but the live music and notori­ous parties kept generations of music lovers coming back for more.

This local’s favorite is where Fantastic Planet had its first party in Hampton Roads two years ago. Many memorable parties later, it is only fitting that the DJs playing this final party end it with a bang – and so they did.

The party was an all out sensory assault. Seas of people danced seemingly on top of people. The best part? Knowing virtually everyone – your younger sibling who snuck in to the quite guy who sits next to you in your chemistry lab. Walking into the Jewish Mother is always like this, to some degree. But tonight?

The DJs were on point playing everything from mixes that everybody knows to obscure songs that even though people did not know they tried to sing along with. Many attendees agreed – this party was the most insane they’d been to in a long time. Floating around the crowd were inflatable bananas and a person in a gorilla costume. It was a special night because the DJ’s gave all they got.

This night was a great way to send the Jewish Mother off in their iconic location. Hopefully the people behind Fantastic Planet can christen their new location in the same fashion they sent the old one off in.

Photo by: Loni Early