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Mace & Crown | February 21, 2018

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By: Jonathan Moran

Robert Rodriguez’s Machete delivers as a gritty, bloody, messy, sexy, action-packed movie that fits perfectly in the exploitation film genre. Or should we say Mexploi­tation film?

The action scenes are over the top and gore is all over the place. You laugh out loud because of how outlandish some of the feats are that the hero pulls off yet that is what makes this movie so good.

It is pure entertainment, a wild ride through the tough streets of Texas that has you walking out of the movie theatre laughing at how much fun you had. Hands down, this is one of Robert Rodriguez’s best films yet.

Danny Trejo stars in his first lead role as an ex-federale whose wife and child were killed by a ruthless Mexican druglord (Steven Seagal). Years later he is a day-laborer in Texas looking for work when he gets hired by a man named Michael Booth (Jeff Fahey) to assasinate a local politician (Robert De Nero), known for his radical views against illegal immigrants.

After realizing that he has been set up, Machete begins a ruthless campaign to find Booth, clear his name, and as he puts it, “Take out the trash.” With the help of his brother, a priest who is deadly with a shotgun (Cheech Marin), a sexy immigration officer (Jessica Alba), a hot nun with a gun (Lindsey Lo­han), and a tough Taco-truck lady (Michelle Rodriguez), Machete will stop at nothing to do what is right, and he means nothing. Ev­ery bad guy must be stopped by his deadly machete skills and his astonishing arsonal supplied by the Taco-truck lady which includes a motorcyle with the biggest ma­chine-gun possible.

There is even an appearance by Don Johnson as a border vigi­lante. However the movie does not piggy-back on its stars to make it great, it is well written and direct­ed beautifully. The stars ad to the entertainment of the movie, much to the delight of the audience and Danny Trejo stands out among all of them as the baddest hero on the screen. He makes this role his with the same intensity he has in all of his other films as the bad guy.

Machete will shock and sur­prise you and have you anxiously waiting for Rodriguez’s next film. It is definitely one of the most en­tertaining and raunchiest movies of the summer.

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