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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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“All These Times Are Hard – Don’t Give Up On Me, Baby!”

By: Timothy Fulghum

The Script is back, and better than ever, with their latest release: “Science & Faith”!

Following their highly successful eponymous debut album, The Script returns with their next effort, “Science & Faith”, a poetically masterful album featuring the soothing vocals of Danny O’Donoghue. Their sophomore album blends truthful lyrics and amazing instrumentals, thus proving to audiences everywhere that they are a band that will be around for a while.

The album is an emotional rollercoaster ride that soars through love, heartbreak, life, and everything else in between! Each song is wonderfully crafted and holds infectious beats and catchy songs that will become engraved into iPods all over.While listening to the album, one may notice that it can be broken up into groups:

The first part is “The Opening That Soothes  “You Won’t Feel A Thing” is  A terrific opener that will become an instant ‘Top 25’ on iPods everywhere! The upbeat song promotes the album’s underlying theme of love, all the while keeping its listeners on their feet.  “For the First Time” is the album’s leading single. “First Time” is a more relaxed and mellow  song that, although slightly depressing, is hopeful at its core with a message to not give up on a relationship, despite rough times. O’Donoghue’s wooing alone is enough to hit the repeat button on this beautiful song.  “Nothing”, a similar song to “First Time”, continuing with the message of faith. The lyrics are catchy and beautiful, the beats are a slower tempo and the song features some amazing string accompaniments, all the while evaluating a seemingly hazardous relationship. “Nothing” is definitely a soon-to-be-favorite for fans of post-breakup songs.

The next category is The Up-Tempo Middle With Substance of Hope and Love “Science and Faith” is  the titular song and strays from the previous slow-tempo songs and brings the audience into a more cheerful space with lighter instrumentals while explaining that all that matters is what we feel,  “If You Ever Come Back” is another up-tempo song that features amazing strings, and sporting the message of waiting for love to return.  “Long Gone and Moved On” is  a beautiful, up-tempo song that is wonderful solely for its instrumentals.

The final category is The Seeming Haunting Songs That Aren’t Very Haunting, But Are Certainly Beautiful “Dead Man Walking” is  an almost haunting song that features amazing vocals.   “This Is Love” is  the standout track from the album. This song promotes the message that love is ultimate, as well as infinite. The catchy chorus, the beautiful instrumentals  and O’Donoghue’s vocals all blend together to make this song an instant favorite.  “Walk Away” is a more faster-paced song, with heavier music an more powerful vocals. “Walk Away” is certainly the second standout track! “Exit Wound” is  the ending song of the album that features deeper lyrics, while continuing to possess wonderful instrumentals.

As a whole, the album is terrific and, as standalone tracks, the songs are beautiful compositions that vary between love, hope, life, heartache and loss. The Script is here to stay and this album certainly will leave fans hungering for more!

“Science & Faith” is definitely worth the listen  and purchase, and is available at all retailers, both physically and digitally.

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