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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Monarchs Rout Towson

By: Brielle Boucher

In the game on Jan. 29 showed a very confident and skilled Old Dominion University basketball team. The Monarchs played an excellent game, almost flawless against the Towson Tigers. They trampled the Towson Tigers by a final score of 80-57.

The Monarchs had everything going for them in the second half. The first half was not in their favor as much as it should have, but they came back fighting and playing effortlessly the second half. Junior Kent Bazemore went 7-10 for field goals and 3-4 three pointers, leading the game in scoring with an astounding 17 points. Seniors Keyon Carter and Frank Hassel were key players for the entire game and really pulled through for their Monarchs.

While the score was going back and forth the entire first half with Towson’s Josh Brown making threes left and right going 5-6  really had the Monarchs on their toes. The game was tied five times throughout the game, which had fans concerned that their Monarchs would lose to a team that was 0-10 in the CAA standings.

Coach Blaine Taylor really must have said something to his players at halftime to really spark their momentum to really stick it to the Tigers. Bazemore went 5-6  on free throws and threw in a few dunks along the way to give the fans a show to see. He also went 2-3 of three pointers.

“Our strategy during halftime I said to the guys was to score, stop them, and score,” said Taylor.  That is exactly what the Monarchs did, plus more. Coach Taylor gave his others players a chance to play as well. His bench had a great game and showed their athleticism at the end of the second half. Fans were on their feet as they cheered for those players they do not  usually see , and wanted to see them score. Junior Trian IIadis scored a substantial amount for coming off the bench. He had 12 points in the game and showed his Monarchs that he is a strong player for his team.

Coach Taylor really expressed that his star players are not greedy when they had chances to be. The Monarchs had a substantial amount of assists, 24 to be exact, to give other players chances to have great opportunities to set up and score. “This week was a very pivotal week for our team. Our win at Georgia State was big and to cap it off with this win over Towson is great and what we needed,”  said coach Taylor.

The Monarchs now have a 17-5 record and are 8-3 in the CAA standings, putting them in third right below George Mason and VCU first in the standings. The Monarchs’ next game is against University of Delaware at home, and to pull out win in the TED would seal the deal for the Monarchs and show that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Photo by: (Rachel Chasin)