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Mace & Crown | April 26, 2018

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“Jaicee’s World of Imagination” comes to life in Webb Center

By: Derek Page
Staff Writer

The student art gallery in Webb Center’s North Cafe housed it’s Spring Break show titled “Jaicee’s World of Imagination”, a collection of interpretive and abstract works by student artists Chanel Benjamin and Jelisa Osouna. The collection features work by each artist’s personal work as well as a few collaborative pieces.

The small room located next to Quiznos was littered with vibrant pieces of ribbon and balloons to add flare and draw attention. It housed 13 pieces by the artists, all of which displayed a wide array of vibrant colors and textures. Some might have noticed the painted skateboard located on a pedestal in the corner directly across from the entrance. It is easily the most attention grabbing due to its placement and the simple fact that a skateboard was used as a canvas. In the furthest right corner was a piece using a yellow back­ground, with faded red handprints and two factions of milk jug caps on opposite corners of the board. It was speckled with navy and sky blue paint.

To left of the entrance was a wall dedicated to artwork inspired by fashion. The largest piece was a collage of multiple magazine cutouts and comprised mostly of red, yellow, and green. The word “FASHION” stretched across the canvass in two locations painted in black and blue and highlighted, one by yellow and the other by red.

Two smaller pieces complimented the larger. The first of which appeared to be a piece of cloth with a woman in lingerie printed on it that had been cut out and pasted to the canvas. Sitting above that was the seam of a pant leg. The piece under it was a simple splash of metallic aqua and purple.

The largest stretch of wall exhibited a number of pieces that seemed to have been influence by agriculture. Not as apparent as the first piece to your right upon entering, an ear of corn, the pieces used the most colors and textures of any other of the works in the gallery. A two-piece work of art seemed to appear as an abstract perspective on the bird’s eye view on the land. The artist even used a cigar to textur­ize a tree and dirt.

Many other interesting pieces of art were on display but the gallery will soon be changed to allow other student art­ists to showcase their talents. “Jaicee’s World of Imagi­nation” wrapped up on March 19. This venue is a small treasure for the artistic community and a treat for all with an appreciation for it.

Photo by: Rachel Chasin

  • This is wonderful! Glad to see ODU appreciates the Arts!

  • I absolutely love her work! I have my own piece of Chanel’s work in my office. Thanks Nelli!