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Mace & Crown | April 26, 2018

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Written By: David Bakhshaee and Matthew McCracken, News and Sports Editors.

The driving force behind ODU’s Men’s and Women’s tennis for nearly two decades, former head coach Darryl W. Cummings, is due in court next week in connection with a $1 million lawsuit that reveals the details of a tumultuous private life that was playing out during the last two tennis seasons. The woman he is suing filed a $5.35 million countersuit.  The jury trial she demanded is set to begin on Sept. 28.

Cummings filed suit against Deborah A. Addison, the woman he claimed was “romantically involved” with his wife and said, “her pursuit and eventual conquest of Julie Cummings went beyond all possible standards of decency.”

In response to Cummings’ complaint, Addison countersued seeking $ 5.35 million in damages from Cummings. His actions, the lawsuit claims, brought about her termination at both the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club and Norfolk Academy.

Addison’s complaint states, “Cummings sent e-mails impersonating Addison between January 2010 and November 2010,” made “disparaging statements to the management of the Norfolk Academy,” and hinted that “Addison was a sexual predator.”

Addison also said Cummings used, “remote electronic surveillance means,” to record her interaction and communication with Julie Cummings.

In the press releases announcing Cummings’ resignation last year, ODU athletic director Wood Selig said, “Cummings will be stepping down to focus on developing Cape Henry Racquet Club in Virginia Beach.”  Cummings and his wife were business partners.  Cummings’ lawsuit claims that he was forced to resign as ODU tennis coach after his wife relinquished her role as managing partner in the business.

Although Cummings’ resignation statements on Aug. 20, 2010 applauded his wife’s contributions to the success of ODU’s tennis program, Cummings has since filed for divorce.

Cummings, ODU’s Men’s and Women’s Tennis head coach from the 1993-1994 season until the 2010-2011 season, has led Monarch Tennis since his college graduation.  Cummings graduated from Old Dominion University in 1992.  During his time as a student, Cummings was awarded the 1985 Virginia State’s Singles Champion title.

Cummings was also a major part in helping the Monarch’s tennis program win countless awards.  He was the only coach ever in the CAA to be recognized for both Men’s and Women’s CAA Coach of the Year award.  He has been the recipient of this award on six different occasions.

“Darryl is ODU tennis”, said Dominic Manilla, ODU women’s tennis head coach.   “I think he left a very admirable legacy at Old Dominion.  There are a lot of coaches at big time schools who haven’t done nearly as much as Darryl did at Old Dominion.”

In a telephone interview with the Mace&Crown, Cummings declined to comment on the upcoming trial. However, when asked about Addison’s allegations, Cummings concluded, “sometimes you go through life and sometimes a little conflict comes up.”

  • Christie

    Poor judgement in printing this article! There are children involved and this nobodies business! Looks like you have a future writing for the national enquirer

  • Diana Marchibroda, D.D.S.

    To the Editor:

    As a mother of 3 graduates/current students of our “Institution of Higher Learning”, it was disheartening to read the article “Former Face of ODU Tennis Due in Court”. For what reason is it necessary to expose intimate details regarding someones private life, other than to further the pain of all parties. I am sorry to see that ODU’s student “news” paper has such low standards and lacks concern with the principles of right and wrong behavior. What ever happened to basic human decency?

    These are good people that are going through a difficult time in their lives. Respect, privacy, support and understanding is what they need from their friends and the community that they have served very well for so long.

    Shame on you, ODU.

    Diana Marchibroda, D.D.S.

  • Jane

    I think this is a fine article and paints a different side of someone that seemed to have been a “pillar of this community”. It’s a school newspaper that is reporting news. No need to speak ill will of the author; maybe you need to direct your anger at Daryl who committed a few petty crimes. Your right kids were involved; so shame on HIM for turning what could have been handled more civil into a nightmare for the kids. People just donate money and kiss butts because someone tends to be a fast talker.

  • Tennis

    This article is disgusting. Shame on The Mace and Crown!
    Just Ask coach Manilla and his Sports Information Director how his quote was obtained. Can’t believe this is still on the website.

    Email president Broderick in support of removing this article.

  • A

    I think this article finally speaks some truth on the real Daryll Cummings.
    -Former ODU athlete

  • C

    It’s PUBLIC RECORD… Don’t like your business being out there… Don’t let it get out there! This is GREAT NEWS! Why censor the news?