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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Freakin' Gleekin'

By: Amy DeLaura

Slushies.  Musical numbers.  Losers.  That’s how Sue sees it. But now you can see for yourself with the return of “Glee” Tuesday nights 8/9c on Fox.   After a summer of touring, a 3D movie and lots of plot rumors, our favorite “Glee” characters come back with a bang.

Warning! Spoiler alerts and summer time rumors will be spilled here.  First off, something all the “Glee 3-D” moviegoers knew: Blaine transfers to McKinley High. Now we can see what he looks like with real clothes on. I was disappointed our “Glee Project” winners Damian and Samuel will not be introduced till later in the season,  though understandable considering there was so much plot catch-up to do with the characters we already know, love, and love to hate. Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure we all saw it coming that Sue would manage to turn Will’s ballsy glitter act against him making the “hate crime” help her climb up in the polls even more. They traded Tina’s colored locks to Quinn who has become part of “The Skanks” after she started dating a 47 year old skater dude. Her chopped off bob of pink patches and trashy clothes has Santana wanting to douse her with soap. Yet somehow this dirty, 80’s, rebel appearance manages to make Quinn look sexier than ever. A problem I did have was with Emma and Will’s relationship; I felt it was not explained at all. Last time we checked in with them, Emma was helping him pack for a Broadway show with no intention of starting a relationship. We come back this season and they are living together? Will even makes the statement of “wanting to start a family.” Though with his “red light”, “green light” frustration it is apparent they have not had any sexual interactions yet or are even married, so not sure how he can be considering reproduction.  All summer rumors about Chord Overstreet were confirmed with one line of dialog. We were left at the end of season two with the promising secret relationship between Sam and Mercedes, just to find out Chord declines Fox’s offer to return to “Glee” for the third season. This was played out by Mercedes answering the question on whether or not she and Sam were dating.  Her response was along the lines of “that was so last June… yes we dated but his dad got a job out of state.” Though it seems the writers wasted no time filling the spot with an ever supporting love interest from the football team.  It will be interesting to see if later in the season he can sing as well. We wrap up the first episode of the third season with Rachel and Kurt crushed but not broken, Jane Lynch succeeding in her campaign against the Arts, Blaine causing Finn extreme discomfort by coming to McKinley, and Quinn sulking in the shadows and tormenting herself with the battle in her head to remain part of the nasty habited sluts or rejoin “Glee.”

Some things to look forward to are not only the story of our main characters, but also some sub-plot friends and the “Glee Project” winners.  Damian will make his debut in the fourth episode as a foreign exchange student living with Britney and Samuel, possibly related to Puck, will not come in till the tenth or eleventh episode.   Also, it will be interesting to see if Sunshine will continue to sing for Vocal Adrenaline, go back to the Philippines, come to McKinley, or if they will just forget to write in an explanation as they did Will and Emma’s relationship.

The awkward socially challenged nerds are so in right now because they are so lovable and hilarious! Make sure to tune in on Tuesday nights starting at 8 p.m. to catch “Glee.”  Don’t have time on Tuesday nights to get “gleeked” out?  Not a problem. You can always keep up with it on Hulu and