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Mace and Crown | May 20, 2018

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National Campus Safety Awareness Month

By: Lateesha Gloston

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month. A major part of keeping our students and campus safe is by raising awareness. ODU helped students to get involved with safety awareness by holding various events throughout this month.

ODU kicked off National Campus Safety Awareness Month with the “Caution: Red Zone” event sponsored by the Housing and Residence Life department. This event informed students that the first six weeks on a college campus are considered the “Red Zone” and encouraged students to come and find out why it is important to know. The “Red Zone” is actually the most dangerous part of the year, as students are meeting new people and often letting their guards down amongst strangers.

Events were also held to help women develop safety skills.  “Car Care for Women” was one of these events. The event had neighborhood experts from University Car Care to empower women with the knowledge of being able to do things like check their oil, change their windshield wipers, and put air in their tires. There was also a Women’s Self-Defense Workshop held. The workshop taught students easy self- defense techniques and how to escape a potentially dangerous situation. These events were also sponsored by the Housing and Residence Life department.

ODU also held events to keep students safe in relationships. The Housing and Residence Life Department and ODU Athletics Departments held the “Sex Signals” event last week, which was a program that used comedy and audience participation to look at issues related to dating, sex, and communication. In addition, there were events held to help end abusive relationships. Students were able to define caring relationships, dating abuse, and learn the consequences of abuse at the “What Is A ‘Healthy’ Dating Relationship?” event. There was also the “Effective Communication Strategies for Healthy Relationships” event held last week to teach students how communication affects relationships where participants learned conflict resolution skills. Further, promoting safety awareness was the “Healthy Techniques to Resolve Relationship Conflicts” event with the mission of teaching students how to identify their feelings and learn conflict resolution strategies.

While “National Campus Safety Awareness Month” is coming to an end, there is still a chance to attend the “Help! I Think My Friend is in an Abusive Relationship” event, which is sponsored by the Department of Counseling and Human Services. This event will teach students how to evaluate if a friend may be in an unhealthy relationship, and teaches participants why it can be difficult to ask a friend for help when dealing with abusive relationships. The event will also teach ways to support a friend in the situation. Students interested in the event can attend at the Chesapeake Room in the Webb Center on Thursday, September 29th from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

September is “National Campus Safety Awareness Month,” but there are always ways for students to help maintain their safety. Safety tips include using the buddy system, leaving uncomfortable situations, keeping your doors and windows locked and only letting people into your room that you know.

For more information, visit www.studentaffairs.odu/WC.

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