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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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New Philosophy Club at ODU

By: Sarah Nadeau

If you’re an individual who often questions the purpose of the human existence and favors the ideals of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, then there’s a club on campus for you! ODU’s philosophy club held its first meeting of the fall semester on Wednesday night.

In the laid back atmosphere of Borjo, a coffee house found in the Village on Monarch Way, the meeting was different than one would assume a gathering of students who consider themselves to be the most critical of thinkers at ODU. The format of conversation for the night was a specific topic or question being asked by one of the members, then each other member taken their turn, having their own moment to share their thoughts. Throughout the entire night the meeting maintained a very casual and intimate feel.

It began with introductions, of each member and of the club itself. And for the inaugural meeting of the year, the first topics up for discussion were of philosophy itself. What it is and means for each member, its impact of humanity, and some of its most popular figures. The idea of a desire for focus groups was also expressed and encouraged. Two specific groups that were proposed were one for metaphysics and another for an atheistic and agnostic group.

For the most part, everyone in the group seemed to be on one accord throughout the entire meeting. Besides a few polite interjections, one thing the gathering lacked was some good old-fashioned debating. Assuming that the absence of some opposition was in prevention of scaring new members away, I’m sure that through the course of the semester the discussions get intense considering one of their core beliefs is bringing people of different experiences and perspectives together to exchange ideas.

So, if you have an interest in philosophy or simply asking the question “why” and challenging the truths of life, make sure to find the ODU Philosophy Club on Facebook for additional information and upcoming events.


  • Sarah,

    Thank you for coming out to our first Open Mic! @ Borjo and for featuring the ODU Philosophy Club in the Mace & Crown.

    In the spirit of a polite response, let me to make one correction and then to respond to your last point. First, it may have appeared that the Philosophy Club is Nietzschean; however, Nietzsche was only mentioned as an interest of several members. The Club explores ideas posed by philosophers from the ancients to moderns, from the metaphysics of Aristotle to Kantian ethics. The addition of focus groups to our club allows for greater interaction amongst members interested in a wide variety of perspectives. And to your point about the meeting lacking a spirited debate, while the debate may have been lacking, the spirit was not. We explored the concept of “bullshit” at this first meeting and plan to follow up with discussions on “misinformation” and conspiracy theories, topics which many social clubs wouldn’t dare to explore.

    Again, thank you for featuring the Philosophy Club in your article.

    Halie Hovenga, president
    ODU Philosophy Club