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Mace and Crown | May 27, 2018

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Porter Robinson supports Tiesto on “College Invasion Tour”

By: Alex Rose

“Say My Name,” the first track put out by a 19-year-old producer from North Carolina named Porter Robinson, catapulted the high school senior into electronic music stardom. After you put out a track that makes it to number one on the web-based electronic music charts, Beatport, a lot can change in a matter of weeks. For Porter, the seven years of music production he had under his belt was finally paying off. Booking agents began contacting him, managers wanted to represent him and teachers wanted him to turn in homework. In the final months before graduation, Porter was balancing being a straight-A student and touring the country on the weekends.

With support from many of the world’s biggest DJ’s, Porter Robinson recently released his first EP, titled “Spitfire” and it went straight to number one on the charts. Now, this 19-year-old prodigy of a producer has been booked alongside arguably the greatest DJ in the world, Tiesto, to support him on his nationwide “College Invasion Tour.” I sat down with Porter after his packed Norfolk Scope performance last Wednesday and congratulated him on his recent success. When comparing some of the events he was playing a year ago, to the events he is playing now, his growth has been tremendous. “It has been a level of progression that I never expected. I was half expecting a long and tough road ahead of me, playing opening slots for eternity. Having started producing roughly seven years ago has helped me a lot as well as the fact that I’ve put out some tunes which have had the support of a lot of people,” said Robinson.

At the young age of 19, he recently graduated from high school and had to decide between furthering his career and continuing with his education. “I eventually sat down with my parents and managers and we talked about the pros and cons of going to school or pursuing a DJ career and ultimately decided I would continue to DJ. What I realized was that some of the most successful people are the ones that don’t necessarily check off the “attend college” checkbox after high school,” said Robinson.

He just released his “Spitfire” EP on Skrillex’ label OWSLA, this week. One goal he had was to release a single track that made it in the Top 100 chart on Beatport and within a day of releasing “Spitfire”, it went straight to number one. It’s so great to see the success of his EP and OWSLA. [“I was actually in the MacArthur Mall today and went into an H&M. I was getting so anxious because all I was hearing was a bunch of terrible house music and it made me want to get back home and record some new tunes I’ve been thinking about. My next goal is to go home and write a massive tune and then explore and experiment with some other genres,” said Robinson. Hopefully this means there is a lot more coming from him for us to enjoy in the future.

If you haven’t listened to Porter Robinson before, don’t sleep on this! He is one of a handful of people you can expect to see around for many years to come.