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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Up and Coming: Crash Boom Bang

By: Amy DeLaura

Originally from D.C., the up and coming band Crash Boom Bang is now on tour with Plain White T’s, promoting their new EP “These Wild Things.“

The first stop on their tour was Nov. 3 in Virginia Beach at Diesel Rock N’ Country Sports Bar.  Diesel allowed a wild atmosphere that was created by Crash Boom Bang’s new music.

“It was the first time we played the songs from our new EP ‘These Wild Things’ for a live audience.  You never know what you’re going to get,” Chaucer, Crash Boom Bang’s guitarist, explained.

Along with their new EP, the production of the band’s first music video is expected to drop within the next month.  “V.I.P.,” the third song on their new album, speaks on behalf of the band. Chaucer says, “‘V.I.P’ best represented what we’re about as a band. The music is about having a good time about being larger than life.”

Mauricio, the band’s drummer, spoke about the filming of the music video. “The whole music video, we we’re just kidding around, but also serious.  It’s really just about us having fun.”

“I mean, how do you take yourself seriously on a $20 million yacht, in this huge mansion with $5 million in cash to just throw a round and play with,” said Omar, who is the band’s lead singer.

When asked if the CD cover was an excerpt from the music video, they said no, but the company, 8112 Studios, which did the shoot for the CD, also did the music video.  “So, the same girl from the cover you may see again. Possibly as our accomplice,” said Chaucer with a smile.

Crash Boom Bang’s first album, “Gold Rush,” was produced by Plain White T’s lead singer, Tom Higgenson.  Mauricio has known Higgenson since before Plain White T’s became famous.

“Plain White T’s is one of my favorite bands.  I knew Tom before he got big and we stayed in touch and watched his band grow.  It is really a dream come true to be able to do this tour with them.  When “Hey There Delilah” came out and we started hearing them on the radio, we were able to be there and root for them the entire way.  When I joined Crash Boom Bang, Tom heard some early demos from back when we were just on MySpace and he became a fan.  When he told us he wanted to get into producing, it all just came together from there,” said Mauricio.

Though Crash Boom Bang’s hometown of Fairfax, VA is not a stop on the tour, can our Northern Virginia natives expect any shows in the near future? “Definitely a CD release show at Jammin’ Java or the 9:30 Club,” one of the band members ecstatically said.

“Tom did mention going to Chicago in his studio to write with him. When that happens, we’re not sure, but definitely is an idea that we hope happens sooner than later!” said Maurice.

When asked about the background behind one of Crash Boom Bang’s song “Hands Up” Chaucer said, “That’s exactly what we wanted, for girls to get pumped up to.  We tried to imagine the perfect song girls could listen to while getting ready to go out. We just really wanted to give girls an anthem.”

Raul added, “There is a one thing we really want to say and make sure people know, all of our music from our latest EP is available on our Facebook to download for free! We don’t want anyone to have an excuse to not have our new album. We want everyone to enjoy our music.  We are some poor college students. We know how it is.”

Chaucer added to the reason of this decision with, “We’re hoping to start a new trend in the music industry.  Have the love of performance and live shows be the source of income for bands, but the art of the music available for all who want to hear it.”

Photo By Amy DeLaura