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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Local Band Bimini Rd. in the Fast Lane to the Top

Local reggae/alternative-indie rock band, Bimini Rd. will perform at Old Dominion University on Oct. 27.

The band will be performing during a tailgate party for the home football game versus the University of Delaware to promote their new album. Their latest album “And Then Some,” has a unique blues-indie-reggae fusion feel.

“We want the college kids listening to our music. We want to promote the local music scene,” band member Travis Mansell said.

The band was born in Virginia Beach and has been active since 2008. Band members Mike Fischetti, Travis Mansell, Aaron Kuklica, Dave Ortiz and Jon Quan are a group of music veterans that channel fresh sounds into the Hampton Roads area.

The band has played with popular reggae artists including The Green, John Brown’s Body, The Expendables, King Yellow Man, Easy Star Allstars, Rebelution, Pato Banton and most recently with The Wailers.

“We make music for your everyday person kind of songs, like San Juan. It’s an Emotional connection were trying to seek. We want to have people’s brains turning. We have romantic songs and party songs, we have many genres,” Mansell said.

Playing to crowds from Delaware to North Carolina, Bimini Rd. is eager to expand their music to broader audiences with the release of their latest E.P. “And Then Some”. According to a national press release from the band, the album was recorded by Jocko Randal.

The band is managed by Mike Fischetti and Travis Mansell and is signed with C&A Media.

Mansell, backup vocalist for Bimini Rd., is an ODU graduate majoring in history and has had a passion for music since he was a kid.

“It’s kind of crazy. I personally, I was never much of a music listener but I really enjoy playing music. Mike [and I] have been playing music for fifteen years, since we were young. John is our newest addition. He’s really good at improvising. We kind of just came back together to do music,” Mansell said.
Bimini Rd. has been compared to the sounds of Slightly Stoopid, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pepper, Jason Mraz and O.A.R.

According to the band’s website, in the late ‘60s Dr. J Manson Valentine discovered a disputed rock formation off the coast of the island of North Bimini in the Bahamas, hence the band’s name, Bimini Rd.

“It’s me and mike, the guitarist and backup vocalist, Aaron, and the vocalist and keyboard player, John. John and I used to work together at the surf shop. We all hung out together and know each other, so the chemistry comes natural.”

Although they are just finding their mold in the music industry, they are already making ground. After a lot of work and commitment, Bimini Rd. is putting themselves on the map.

“We have two EP’s (Extended Play) online right now that dropped this summer and is now available on itunes. We have sold about a thousand of those. We have opportunities coming to us right now, which is good.”

The band has aspirations to hit the regional festival scene throughout the spring and summer of 2013.

For more information, follow Bimini Rd. online at and on Facebook.
By:Kadedra Holmes
Staff Writer