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Mace & Crown | April 26, 2018

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Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

Primitive humans didn’t have quite the plethora of fashion options we have today, however they were doing one thing right: animal print.

For some, the cheetah and leopard prints are synonymous with fist-pumping Guidos and the 1980s. With modern elements and chic styling, anyone can pull off animal print without looking too wild.

The easiest way to incorporate animal, or any other print, into a wardrobe is with accessories. Start with a skinny belt, handbag or scarf in an appealing print and mix it together with a basic t-shirt or casual dress. If that’s a little too drastic, try requesting an animal print mani or pedi next time at the salon. This is a fun and easy way to incorporate prints into everyday life.

The most fun anyone can have with animal print will start at the feet. Cheetah and zebra print footwear can be found in any store, at any price and any style. The great thing about these prints is that they are neutral tones. Pair your black and white zebra flats with red skinny jeans and a blouse for a bold date night look. Cheetah or leopard looks effortlessly stylish with jewel tones, especially emerald.

For the confident and fabulous, go ahead and rock that cheetah dress. We are probably all staring at you with envy. Another great look is a printed skirt, either pencil or mini. These can be coordinated with any top and layered with brightly colored tights.

Animal print is an evident trend in fashion and has been for centuries. The print grew in popularity during the women’s movement in the 1940s and hasn’t lost its allure.

However, this style does come with an invisible warning label. Please use caution when wearing an animal print with only one print per outfit. Don’t mix prints, don’t let the print over power and stay away from anything costume-like.

With a few simple additions of animal print, any fall wardrobe can look fierce.

By: Emma Hering

Staff Writer