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Mace & Crown | April 26, 2018

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Virginia21 Wants to Survey ODU

Virginia21, an advocacy group geared toward young voters, launched their first Statewide Student Survey to all public colleges and universities in Virginia.

The organization works on a non-partisan agenda to coordinate political action to advocate affordable secondary education, employment opportunities, and a sustainable, efficient government. The survey will equip the group with the essential information to take action

“State government is poised to make a number of decisions that will impact the quality and affordability of a college degree,” executive director Tom Kramer said.  “Student’s ideas and opinions need to be represented in these debates, so we need everyone to take five minutes and take the survey.”

The survey will prompt the user to give an address so Virginia21 can sort the information by all 140 legislative districts.

“Our goal is to really make sure our elected officials know what their constituents think before they vote,” Kramer said.

Old Dominion University is actively involved with the survey to ensure strong student participation by the end of November.  Both the SGA and Virginia21 will be promoting the survey.  Student Body President Mariam Adbelhamid said the survey is imperative to enacting change within higher education.

“Football rivalries aside, Virginia schools are facing similar issues and tribulations which cannot and will not be solved through individual efforts.  The survey will hopefully represent each school’s issues and collectively portray all student concerns within Virginia,” said Adbelhamid.

Those who complete the survey will be entered into a contest to win $250 for textbooks or student loan payments.  Students wishing to remain anonymous will not be entered.   There are 28 questions which are multiple choice.  The entire survey should take approximately five to 10 minutes to complete.

Question topics include how much students spend on textbooks each year and how the books were paid for, making reference to the Textbook Market Fairness Act of 2005 that requires all required reading lists be made available to students before the beginning of each semester.

It also covers topics regarding a student’s career plans, student loans and debt, and guns on campus.

The information will help Virginia21 in its advocacy efforts in the upcoming session of the General Assembly.


Take the survey here:

By: Pamula Floyd

Staff Writer