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Mace and Crown | May 20, 2018

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10 Fall Trends That You Will Actually Wear

Now that our clocks have fallen back, it’s time to take our fall wardrobe forward.

Each season tempts us with low-priced fast fashion, however, these pieces aren’t worn regularly and don’t last long. At the beginning of the season, it’s inevitable to want new things to wear, but don’t rush to the most budget friendly items in the mall. Do some research and figure out what trends will not only last, but can also adapt to any trend or season.

The first item, which should be a staple in every woman’s closet, is a tailored blazer. Sure the brightly colored and boldly printed blazers are great, but investing in a well-fitted blazer will last years. A blazer can transcend the styles, from preppy to edgy.

Scarves are the easiest way to add interest to any ensemble. Other than providing extra warmth, the versatility of a scarf is endless. A scarf can be tied in a gazillion of ways, worn around your hair or tied to a purse. Whatever the use, a scarf will add interest and personality.

A pea coat is one of the most classic styles of outerwear. Most pea coats are made of wool, which promises a warm layer and stylish look. Depending upon the color or embellishment, a pea coat can also appeal to buttoned-up or all black styles.

Although riding boots first made their appearance a few years ago, the fashion is still relevant. There are numerous styles, colors and varieties to choose from, but it’s best to invest in a genuine leather pair since these boots will become a go-to on chilly days.

Bracelet stacks, also known as arm parties, are hard to avoid between Instagram and Pinterest. However, this trend is a great way to show off personal style and wear all those bracelets sitting in your jewelry box and will fit well with day or night styles.

An easy way to add interest to your fall look is to add vibrant colors. Take a second look at that color wheel from art class and begin mixing together colors for a bold look. There are also many styles available in stores where the garment itself is color blocked.

Another color trend that has influenced fall is denim. Brightly colored denim will refresh your old blues. Printed and textured denim has also proven to be a steady trend this season.

The loafer has continued past spring and into the fall season. These loafers are embellished, printed or come in lovely colors. It is fun to mix loafers with different styles and will help break the ballet flat rut.

You should also not be afraid to embrace your inner nerdiness this season. Tech cases have become one of the biggest trends in fall accessories. There are tons of great patterns to choose from, however, make sure you are paying for function as well as fashion.

Faux fur is a friendly option, for wallets and animals, to stay warm this season. Manufacturers and designers have made it easy by creating cardigans and coats with detachable collars for more options. And what better than to add a little luxe to your look?

Don’t forget to personalize these looks with fun, inexpensive items that complete the look. With the addition of these trends to your fall wardrobe, you will find yourself warm, stylish and content with your shopping decisions.
By: Emma Hering
Staff Writer