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Mace and Crown | May 27, 2018

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Advice Column

My Facebook news feed is constantly being bombarded with people from my high school class posting images of their engagement rings or images of their growing baby. I am about to be 23 and I feel like I am so behind in life. This is my fifth year in college and all I have to show for myself is the 93 percent complete bar on Degree Works. I will graduate in May, but I feel like even getting a degree isn’t enough for people at my age anymore. What is wrong with the world?
Fifth Year Senior

Dear Fifth Year Senior,
In a world where everyone wants to grow up as quickly as possible, this feeling is absolutely normal. Look at where you are in life and how far you have come. You are so close to graduating, which is more than many people can say. Your high school class may post all of those great photos, but they could be miserable in life. Society has popularized marriage and family without focusing on the fact that it is a huge commitment, one that should not be rushed into. At 23, you still have plenty of time on your side. Don’t compare your life to theirs or feel the need to conform to what everyone else is doing. Be yourself and these special life events will come when the time is right. As for your Facebook news feed, look at those pictures as
motivation to achieve your goals.
In regards to your college career and future career, work on your own goals and maybe try a few new things in life. Join a new student organization or try a new hobby and make the best of the remainder of your time in college and the rest will eventually fall into place. There is always going to be that anxiety about what comes after graduation, but the important thing to remember is that you have done your best.

Do you have any tips for transfer students who commute to ODU to get involved and feel a part of the campus since they haven’t been there from the start?
A Student Out of the Loop

Dear A Student Out of the Loop,
As a transfer student myself, I spent the first year at ODU simply going to class and leaving. I did not participate in school activities and I did not feel involved at all. The first step I took
was getting involved with the Mace and Crown, and being a part of the paper has made me feel more connected to the campus and students.
Thus, the number one thing I would suggest to transfer students is to get involved in an organization or club. If you do not want to drive back and forth all the time, find one that you can get involved with during the day while you are on campus. The ODU website has a list of all the student organizations on campus and there are many to choose from. Another thing I would suggest is going to the football games or any other sports event you might be interested in as events are a great place to meet new people and to feel like you are part of the school. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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