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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Overdressed and Underpaid; From Drab to Fab: Holiday Edition

For the Ladies: Help Your Man Look Handsome for the Holidays

Now that the feasting of Thanksgiving has past, it’s time to focus our style senses to the festive sparkle of the winter holidays.

Luckily for the ladies, we can easily slip into a cute cocktail dress and call it a night, even though the process of finding the perfect dress only burned off one-third of the calories due to panic attacks of looking like a ho-ho-ho.

But for some of the men in our life, dressing up is defined by putting on socks. With the end of the semester approaching, holiday travel plans may include the new boo coming for a visit. So when you bring home the boyfriend or have him meet your friends, he needs to look almost as good as you. Take his look from slob to heart throb with just a few extra suggestions.

Since your family and friends aren’t blinded by the newness of your love interest, they will innately judge his appearance. Not to be taken personally, but it’s human nature. With five easy steps, you can easily polish him up without insulting his personal style and pleasing the parents.

First, any guy is going to love his girlfriend playing with his hair. So start with simple grooming suggestions and show him different ways to style his hair. When it comes to facial hair, things can get pretty personal, but a nice trim up never hurt.

Next, find a button up shirt. If he doesn’t have one, he probably has a friend or brother. If that doesn’t work, check the sale rack at a couple stores and you will probably be able to find a good fit for less than $20. A classic button up shirt will not only look put-together, but fits every guy’s personal style. Hopefully he knows how to iron as well.

After the top half is taken care of, it’s time to focus on the rest. Dark denim will pair easily with any shirt and can go dressy or casual, and fit is crucial in this department. Give him a boost of confidence and check out all of his angles. Your parents or friends won’t be won over by what boxers he decided to wear that day or how pale his ankles are.

No pun intended, the boyfriend should really be putting his best foot forward. This doesn’t mean wearing sandals, socks paired with sandals, Crocs, hunting boots or slippers. Every guy has a good pair of sneakers or slip ons that maybe aren’t as comfortable, but won’t make their girlfriend roll her eyes.

Now that your man is all put together, it’s time for the finishing touch… cologne. He should be nervous to meet the family, so a subtle hint of scent will mask any musk. However, this is where a lot of good things go bad. Do not let them bathe in the fragrance or spray the entire bottle empty. You should be able to inhale a gentle whiff when you go to hug him, not smell him before he enters the room.

Once we all return to campus, the sweat pants will revisit, but at least any Facebook tags of awkward outfits in your holiday album won’t embarrass you. Who knows, maybe he’ll ask to go to the mall soon? Happy shopping!

By: Emma Hering

Staff Writer