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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Preserving All Things Natural: ODU Students Use Interests to Help Animals

Preserving All Things Natural: ODU Students Use Interests to Help Animals

The guys at SFR1 INTL, a start up clothing company have taken clothing to different territory and have given it a purpose.

Pronounced “Safari International,” the two-year company has begun establishing itself as a stylish brand that puts proceeds in other places than their wallets.

Company founders Patrick Per

ez, Mike Cuddehe, Devin Hein and Old Dominion junior Collin Pin, started the company to help overlooked groups in need.

SFR1 INTL is defined as a product “that strives to promote the preservation of all things natural, specifically endangered species and their habitats,” said Pin.

SFR1 is now working towards becoming a benefactor for The World Wildlife Fund and other international organizations.

Since it started, SFR1 has been given opportunities to travel overseas twice on volunteer trips. The first was six months after its birth, in summer 2011 to the Philippines. There, they paired with Xavier University to help at a resettlement camp.

The second trip was to Kenya this past June where one of the team members worked on the Ol Pejeta Conservacy studying rhinos and chimpanzees. So far, SFR1 INTL has donated 10 percent of their proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund.

The five guys want to do more than just sell clothes. SFR1 INTL wants to become a platform to create compassion in our generation, but not just for animals.

“Those of us living the SFR1 lifestyle can’t and won’t stop doing our part to make sure that those lives that are threatened every day, whether it be a human or an animal, get a second chance; hopefully while maintaining some fashionable style,” said Pin.

SFR1 INTL is quickly becoming known in small circles around Virginia.

One part of their success is marketing. Capitalizing on social media and other interests, like music events, has come naturally to Pin, who is also considered the brand manager. SFR1 INTL is on its way to becoming a recognized promotions company by promoting shows and in turn to privilege of selling their merchandise during the event.

The founders have spent a considerable amount of time designing their brand and making sure they will be able to expand in the future. They have a clear focus, especially with their autumn 2012 collection. Right now, their website sells t-shirts, sunglasses, wallets and travel accessories. They use leather to make their wallets, but they remind their consumers that SFR1 leather accessories are made from unused cow hides from the meat industry in the Philippines.

“We believe in not letting anything go to waste, and ultimately this method is more environmentally friendly than if we were to use synthetic leather,” said Pin.

By: Allison Terres

Staff Writer