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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Here One Second… “Invisible Driver” Video Pranks the Nation

​Drive-thru workers at various fast food restaurants around Norfolk were stunned as they were visited by a gold Mitsubishi Galant around the holiday season.
​It wasn’t the color of the car that stunned them, however. It was the seemingly “invisible” driver inside.  Old Dominion University student Rahat Hossain is a practicing magician for Penguin Magic, a website devoted to helping magicians make their mark. For five years, Hossain has been using YouTube as an outlet for letting people discover his work. His early videos featured him doing simple magic tricks around small crowds of people. The quality of the footage and sound is very rough and basic, but over time,  Hossain started receiving more views and eventually money, as he monetized his page. With the monetization came better recording equipment and more popularity.
​On April 21, 2011, Hossain uploaded the first video in a long series of prank videos that would finally put him in the public eye. The “Drive Thru Fire Wallet” featured him driving through multiple fast food restaurants and showing off his wallet, which upon opening would spark a small flash of fire. The video was a success and from then on Hossain would continue his videos with other pranks such as the “Smokey Burger,” “Floating Cup,” “Floating Dollar, “Static Shock” and the most popular of them all, “The Invisible Driver.”  The latter of which gained more than 20 million views in its first three days and propelled Hossain into new heights of opportunity.
Despite being featured on Tosh.0 and popular websites in the past, Good Morning America’s interview segment with Hossain, regarding the “Invisible Driver” prank has pushed him even further than he imagined.
Catch the prank and others like it on his YouTube channel.

By: Jay Molina

Staff Writer

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    Will be on Good Morning America between 7 and 8 am on 1/11/12 too.

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