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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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A Hope for World Peace Through Poetry: Weapons of Mass Construction CD Release Party at Borjo

Borjo’s Coffeehouse, located in Old Dominion’s Villiage, shared its stage with poetic group Weapons of Mass Construction on the night of Jan. 19 in honor of the group’s new CDs, “StarsGrazing” and “Heartbreak In Three Pieces.”

Artists Charisse Minerva and Regina Scott Sanford make up this energetic musical collective. The group descirbes their lyrics as “consciously positive content with positively conscious intent,” according to their Facebook page.

Their genre fuses poetic expression with soft, soulful instrumentals, such as tambourines and djembes.

The CDs were released in honor or Martin Luther King’s birthday and were being sold for five dollars each.

Weapons of Mass Construction began their performance with Minerva’s song “Possibilities,” members of the audience were out of their seats dancing and shaking instruments in the already packed coffee shop.

The recurring theme in the group’s music is about instilling hope and attempting to rid the world of hatred. Minerva sang, “If we let the love shine in, it will change our hearts and we will change the world.”

The two artists performed lyrics together and individually, including popular songs of theirs such as, “Sometimes,” “Farewell in Gm,” “Stand Up For Your Rights” and “I Will Stop Cussing When There Is Peace.”

Minerva and Scott Sanford shared the stage with DJ Rudebwoy, who was in charge of background music. He set the performance’s mood by playing Erkyah Badu, John Legend, Jah Cure and Donell Jones.

The release party also featured Tonie Sheely, who performs under the stage name Quiet Storm. She is known locally for her potent spoken word and singing in a quintet group from Portsmouth called “Voices of Distinction.” The group is described as having a neo-soul and R&B feel while using snaps and claps from the crowd to perform classics like “My Girl” and “End of the Road.”

The event also included a mini drum circle where audience members could use the microphone to express their words of wisdom.

In addition to promoting peace, art and culture, Minerva and Scott Sanford plan to continue performing and hope to reach more people with positive energy.

By: Kadeem Porter

Staff Writer

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    Minerva sang, “If we let the love shine in, it will change our hearts and we will change the world.-These words were actually written & performed by Regina Scott Sanford Thank You!