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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Music Isn’t Just a Major

A Spotlight on Old Dominion’s Ben Egan

Channeling talent, motivation and business skills into a successful music career is not always the easiest thing to do. Even seasoned musicians have a hard time bringing all these elements together, but not Ben Egan. Egan is an Old Dominion University senior and music business production major already succeeding at all three.

Ben is a musician of many talents, affirming his plan of having a life that centers around music.  “I have played music since I was seven and I can play the saxophone, French horn, trumpet, keyboard, drums and piano,” he said. On top of all this, he is a talented freestyle vocalist.

Egan is dedicated to music because he believes it is a form of communication for himself and others.

“Music is my form of healing; it makes me feel better, and gives me a release from my stresses,” said Egan. He also wants to find commonality through music with his fans, who all mean a lot to him. One of his most motivational moments was after a show. “Once a girl came up to me after a show and told me she was having the worst day of her life and that our music had made her feel a little better,” he said. To Egan, that’s all that matters.

Egan has made a name for himself within the Old Dominion music scene. After, playing a set at Campus Chaos the last three years to a considerable crowd, he decided it was time for a change.  A couple of months ago, Egan and fellow Old Dominion University student, Rhett Walton, kick started a group which has now become Hubble Bash, an electronic/hip-hop/reggae jam band. The two has known each other and played together for four years, so it was a logical next step when they decided to combine their talents.

Hubble Bash incorporates a live DJ, drummer, pre-recorded pianos; and organs, bass, guitar samples and other popular forms of electronic music. They have not only played in the 757, but are branching out throughout Virginia.

So far, their most memorable show was in Chantilly at a venue called “The Bungalow.” “Chantilly was amazing because we could really feel the love and energy from the crowd. It is always nice to have people really involved in your music,” said Egan about the performance.

Egan has a lot in store for the future. Recently, an artist from a local jazz band heard Egan practicing in his house on 41 Street and walked into his house and asked him to play with them on the spot. Hubble Bash is scheduled to play in this year’s Campus Chaos event as well as other shows up and down the East Coast.

You can find out more about Egan and Hubble Bash through their Facebook page, You can also download their music on Soundcloud and watch a few performances on their Youtube channel.

By: Allison Terres 


  • benman

    ooo yeaaaa

  • John Egan

    The gig at Bungalow Billiards in Chantilly was da bomb!
    Thx for featuring a talented student in your pub!