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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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ODU Ranked Top Five in Online CS Programs

With the growing number of students pursuing online degrees, colleges around the nation are recognizing the rise in popularity of online education. Also on the rise is the amount of online computer science programs, due to a growing interest in the field. This week, Old Dominion University’s own online program was noticed, ranking in the top five of online computer science programs in the country.

The 2013 Online College ranking was conducted by the Open Education Database, also known as the OEDb. The OEDb recognized 33 online computer science programs in their study. The study that the OEDb conducts looks at online science programs in terms of graduation, rate, tuition cost, acceptance rate, and a variety of other factors. Of the 33 programs acknowledged in the study, ODU was ranked fourth.  

Distance learning programs at ODU began in the 1990s, but recently, online programs have developed a higher standard in an environment that works with the student’s needs. Today, ODU offers 87 online programs in which students can study towards a certification course, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree. Due to the range of degrees that are offered, ODU’s distance learning enrollment has increased exponentially.

Andy Casiello, associate vice president for distance learning said, “Enrollment in distance education programs is up 20 percent. I definitely assign credit for that to the development of new programs that are in high demand. We needed to move away from television to online delivery. Distance education, especially online, is a very fast-growing aspect of the ODU environment, which is funding development of new programs every year.”

Dr. Desh Ranjan, chair of ODU’s computer science department, is excited for his department to be recognized in the top five of online colleges. “Computer science is one of the leaders in distance education programs at the university, the state and nationally too,” Ranjan said of ODU’s online computer science program placing fourth in the nation, “I’m very happy we’ve been recognized at the national level.”

By Maryann Jackson

Staff Writer