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Mace & Crown | April 26, 2018

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Keep Calm and Enjoy the Music: Five Concert Tips Guaranteed to Make the Night Enjoyable

A variety of concert venues such as The NorVa, The Scope and the Ted Constant Center are all within a 30-mile radius, which makes concerts a perfect past time for Old Dominion students. Concerts allow music fans to come together and support the bands and artists they love. However, due to venue sizes and the diverse crowds that attend concerts, they can quickly go from fun to chaotic. Here are a few tips guaranteed to keep any concert experience from taking a turn for the worst.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

Many concerts are held in venues with no seating, and if there is seating once the act takes the stage a majority of the audience are going to be up on their feet, grooving to the music. Unless you’re one of the rare few who live in stilettos, there’s no place for them at a concert. Also a concert is not the best place to break in those new boots. You’ll leave with blisters, swollen feet, and a deep hatred for yourself. Don’t torture your feet. Wear comfortable shoes that give you style and support. Also remember that venue floors are sticky and covered in mystery items, so wear shoes that will survive a bit of roughing up.

2. Be respectful

Even if you’re only there to see the headlining act, the lesser-known opening acts are still going to take stage. Booing won’t make their set end any sooner, so be respectful. Everyone has to start somewhere, and they just may surprise you! If you don’t like the opening act, at least be polite. Simply stand or sit,  and wait for them to finish. Respect also applies to your neighbors. Whether you like it or not, you have to be friendly with the people surrounding you, so you might as well make the best of it. If it’s a small venue, everyone is going to be hot and sweaty. Embrace it! Laugh it off and make a new friend or two. Plus it’s always more fun to sing with a group than it is to tap your foot alone.

3. Don’t be that drunken guy/girl

If you’re of legal drinking age, feel free to indulge, but remember that moderation is key. While your friends may love you, they won’t be too happy if you are passed out during the opening act, so know your limit. You paid to see the headliner, so try to remain coherent enough to actually make it happen. If not, you’ll regret wasting your money. Plus, no one likes leaving a concert with vomit splattered across their clothes.

4. Remain calm

Concert venues are often packed to capacity. Filled with people of all shapes and sizes. There will be bumping, pushing and someone will be taller than you. It’s frustrating but yelling, kicking and screaming only enrages the entire crowd, so keep calm. If someone knocks into you, do not push back. Give them a chance to apologize, and if they don’t, let it go. Do not dwell on that one incident; continue enjoying your night. If you end up behind someone who is taller than you, do not continuously poke them in the back until they move. Be respectful, remember? One friendly poke will be enough for them to turn around, and acknowledge you. Politely ask them if you can stand in front of them, or if they could step slightly to the left allowing both of you a clear view.

5. Have fun

This tip should be a given. If you decide to attend a concert, you need to genuinely enjoy yourself. Don’t be that guy or girl that’s too cool to let loose and have a blast. So dance, sing and laugh with your friends… or by yourself.

By: Dominique Bailey

Staff Writer