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Mace and Crown | May 21, 2018

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Wrapped in Kingsfoil

York, PA indie-rock band tears up ODU stage in spectacular fashion

Headed by front man and lead singer Jordan Davis, York, PA-based indie-rock band Kingsfoil made their way to Old Dominion University Saturday night, Feb. 2, to entertain the students on hand for a rockingly festive atmosphere. It was the first stop of a multi-city tour this year for the group, as they performed some of their hits including, “Grapevine Valentine,” “What Your Mother Taught You,” “Give It Up Now,” “Morning Dove,” “American Veins,” and “Quick Fix.” The crowd left the star-studded North Cafe concert fully and thoroughly entertained.

One of the more anticipated showings of the night included drummer and former actor Frankie Muniz. The 27-year old band member is most recognizable for his recurring role on the hit TV series, “Malcolm in the Middle” as well as films such as “Big Fat Liar” and “My Dog Skip.”  Muniz joined the band last October. The crowd was energized the entire night and jammed out to the sounds belted out of North Cafe.

After the show, the band held a meet and greet session in which they spoke to students, took photos, signed autographs, and sold merchandise. They also gave insight on how energized they were from the crowd during the show.

“It was really good actually, I had a great time. It’s always hard when you play the first couple shows of a run,” Davis said. “It definitely takes a little bit of time to kinda settle in and start playing together as a band, so there’s that. The crowd was really cool. They were like, ‘you guys were awesome,’ it was fun.”

Kingsfoil also spoke about the best part of playing at college gigs like the one Saturday night.

“The coolest thing about playing college shows is I always feel like the students are always very appreciative, like they’re really into it which is cool for us,” Muniz said. “No matter how many people there are, if there’s thousands or a small amount, you still get energy from them. So it’s pretty cool.”

Muniz then spoke about being the newest addition of the band, alongside Davis, guitarist/keyboardist Tristan Martin, and bassist Tim Warren and how he felt out there playing and touring with his new band mates after joining the group late last year.

“I love it. Literally, it’s my dream. And this band is my dream band. I love the music. I love these guys. We have a lot of fun. It’s hard being in a band, having four personalities and four people have to be kind of on the same page,” Muniz admitted. “And I feel like we really are. We all want it really bad and we enjoy it. And we’re doing it and that’s awesome. None of them do anything that I don’t approve of or I don’t like. So it’s a good group.”

“It’s really hard to find people that mesh together well like that. So that’s definitely one thing that’s pretty cool about us,” Davis added.

So just what can we expect from Kingfoil on their current tour?

“It’s hard to tell. From day to day, you never know. This one’s gonna be excited though, I think,” Warren said.

“We’re gonna bring it this one, I think we’re in a good spot,” Davis said to which Muniz jokingly replied, “We’re actually gonna try, you mean?” the band laughed.

Before Kingsfoil took the stage, opening act Ducky & The Vintage took the stage to warm up the crowd. The band performed their hits, “Silverspoon’s Gold Teeth,” “Tambourine,” “Down the line,” Flowers,” and “Vultures.” The Harrisburg, PA band even let a student in the crowd choose a name on the spot for one of their untitled selections towards the end of their set, which was dubbed “She Wants the Tea” upon request.

You can follow both bands on Twitter at @kingsfoil and @Duckydukemusic and pick up a copy of their new albums, “A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart” and or Spotify and “Flowers” at, respectively. Both albums are also available through iTunes.

By. Brian Jerry
Senior Writer