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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Crown Jewels 2/13 Edition:

This week’s specially designed “glow in the dark” jewels go to none other than Beyonce Giselle Knowles. The recently dubbed “Mrs. Carter” made waves in the headlines weeks back for “singing” over a pre-recorded version of the national anthem. And last week she once again found herself in the limelight after her Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show performance.

Ironically, after the 16-time Grammy award winner wrapped up a set that included a mini reunion of the group Destiny’s Child, the lights during the Baltimore Ravens/San Francisco 49ers contest went out in route to a 34-minute delay.

You don’t even have to look further than a simple Google search of her name to see some fun being poked at her. Critics dubbed the performance “Beyonce lights stage on fire” or “Beyonce’s booty didn’t kill the lights,” an ode to her “Electrifying” set or even “The Ultimate High Wattage Performance.”

Knowles expectantly took some of the coincidental blame and was the butt (no pun intended) of many intended knee slappers. It was all in fun and was overshadowed by a great game. The fierce performance by the 31-year old pop star received tweets from her husband, Jay-Z, poking a bit of fun saying: “Lights out!!! Any questions??”

She even admitted that the event didn’t occur during her performance, stating: “It’s a live television show, it’s the biggest show in America, and there’s so many things that could happen and God was on my side, so I’m very, very happy that it went well and the power went out after,” Knowles said. “It feels good to know the hard work paid off.”

Well, regardless if she had anything to do with the technical difficulties surrounding the New Orleans Superdome during the game, Queen B definitely knows how to take the sack like a true professional. And besides, maybe a little Beyontroversy is healthy for all of us sometimes. Please accept these “glow in the dark” jewels, Mrs. Knowles, as a token of my appreciation; you’re quite the sensation. I hope they come in handy next time you shut the lights off in a stadium.

Additional jewels will be given to ODU’s own Blaine Taylor. So long to the mustache, we hardly knew ye: 239 wins and 12 seasons later, goodbye alligator. Longtime ODU men’s basketball coach Blaine Taylor was shown the door last week after the team’s dreadful 2-20 run. The former 2006 CAA Coach of the Year was replaced by associate coach Jim Corrigan on an interim basis. That doesn’t mean we won’t recognize the contributions the ‘stache has given us over the last decade prancing back and forth on the sidelines.

Need they forget that Taylor led the school that’s best known for its civil engineering and oceanography programs to three NCAA Tournaments, once in consecutive seasons. It’s only fitting that the 55-year old, now former, head coach gets canned right after he grows the mustache back. Well, I for one haven’t been stricken with a small case of athletic director Wood Selig’s situational amnesia. ODU has not forgotten what Taylor accomplished, that is why he deserves these jewels. There’s room for more than one set of Crown Jewels this week and there’s no shame in Taylor’s game. You get a pair yourself, coach. We will miss the ‘stache.


By: Brian Jerry

Senior Writer