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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Earth, Moon and Sun- A Sight To Beyond


The Pretlow Planetarium adjacent to the Mills Godwin Building will be running a new show, titled “Earth, Moon, and Sun.” Starting on Jan. 22, it will run through April 18, 2013. All ages are welcome to view this half hour show every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5p.m.

Displayed on a forty-foot dome, you will learn a handful of basic topics including how and why the sun rises, moon phases, the importance of space exploration, and Native American folklore. Dr. Declan De Paor, research professor of Geo-Physics and the director of the Pretlow Planetarium, runs the show bi-weekly.

Professor Depaor spoke about the importance of our society having knowledge of science by saying, “Americans are scientifically literate in general sciences in part to museums and aquariums that they attend in great numbers. In fact, the general population is quite literate and has some basic knowledge as to what is going on.”

Not only is the planetarium used for extracurricular activities, it is home to over 300 students who take undergraduate classes pertaining to the sciences. Professors Depaor said, “We use this planetarium mainly for undergraduate education. We have ten to 12 lab sections every week, where they come in and learn more about their fields.”

Professor Depaor and his colleague encourage all students and faculty who have never experienced a planetarium show to come and view Earth, Moon and Sun for free. Posters will be plastered around campus, but for more information visit their website at


By: Rae Parker

Contributing Writer