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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Monarch Words of Wisdom

Ways to Have a Cheap but Memorable Valentine’s Day


You’re a college student, and more than likely, you and your significant other do not have the cash lying around to go big on Valentine’s Day. So, this list will help you have a romantic Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.
1. Create an indoor picnic.  Grab a tablecloth, your favorite finger foods and a bottle of wine. Enjoy your picnic on the living room floor and play card games and board games.  End the night with a romantic movie.
2. Decorate a jar with craft items of your choice. and write love notes on small pieces of paper and fill the jar with them then present the jar to your sweetheart!  A handmade gift is always more thoughtful than a box of chocolates purchased at the store.
3. Make the entire day full of their favorite things. Cook their favorite breakfast and dinner and let them watch whatever they want on TV, without any complaints, and keep surprising them all day long.
4. Take your sweetheart out to experience something beautiful in nature.  You two can watch the sun set or rise, take a walk on the beach or do some stargazing.
5. Create a photo album that puts your relationship in chronological order of events.  Fill it with photos of concerts or sports events that you have attended together and leave some room at the end to continue adding to it as your relationship continues.
6. Make a CD of songs that make you think of your loved one and give it to him/her.
7. Grab some specialty wines, cheeses, breads or desserts from your favorite bakery and enjoy them together in front of a toasty fireplace.
8. Create a favorite mixed drink together. Try unique ingredients and enjoy taste-testing until you’ve created the perfect concoction then record the ingredients so you can make the “special drink” every year on Valentine’s Day.
9. Turn your living room into a movie theater by watching an old movie at home together with popcorn, soft drinks and candy.
10. Share a delicious dessert and cappuccino at a local bakery.
11. Write a “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You” list and hide it in his pocket or her purse.
12. Guys, cook dinner for your special lady, and remember that she doesn’t care what you make. Pick an easy recipe from a website that looks like you spent hours in the kitchen then set the table with candles and play romantic music softly in the background while you both enjoy dinner.
13. Grab a small radio and take your partner dancing at a romantic hideaway on the oceanfront.
14. Plan a scavenger hunt and write clues and place them in envelopes.  Hide the envelopes around campus or even around the city then make the final clue the best one, such as a picnic beside a fire on the beach.
15. If you don’t have a special someone on Valentine’s Day, focus on bringing a smile to everyone’s face.  There might be someone who really needs it.

By: Eryn Tolley
Staff Writer