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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Who Has it Worse on Valentine’s: Single Guys or Single Gals?

On one hand, we’ve got Jason DeRulo’s boys “Ridin’ Solo’” and in the other, Beyonce leading all her “Single Ladies” in a posse of male-free pride. But it begs the question, who truly has it tougher on Feb. 14: single guys or single gals?

Chances are if you’re taking the time to read this, you’re either all set to delve into a romantic evening with your significant other on Valentine’s Day or planning to reach for the comfort food and the comfy couch Thursday evening and take solace in the fact that you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for anyone other than yourself. And that’s fine, both are in fact.

But as much as some people are nonchalant about their plans, yours truly just begs to cry foul. While it hasn’t been my favorite holiday by a long stretch, I don’t necessarily blame the day itself but rather choose to take solace in the fact that I’ve been a mere victim of annual, seasonal circumstance. In other words, I don’t have a necessarily defined reason as to why I seem to be on this side of the non-partnered spectrum. I just try to take everything and reason behind it in stride. It’s sort of like baseball: I’m waiting for the right pitch across the plate but yet keep reminding myself I only have four balls and three strikes before taking a free pass.

On one hand, the male argument could be made for the tougher side of the stick for the mere reason that we don’t want to be in desperation mode as the day approaches. And more often than not we usually have to make the first move. And if the fear of cold feet takes over, nothing materializes into boundaries of communication either due to lack of confidence or adequate and/or prompt execution. In other words: be quick and swift or she won’t budge.

For the ladies, their argument could be made that they just have it tougher. Everything from picking the right dress for the occasion to waiting for the guy to come around, or even just not feeling up to par can deter even the most Colbie Callait-esque “Bubbly” girl to slip on the sweat pants, dig in the freezer for the Breyers and make it a Netflix night.

Verdict: It’s really hard to choose but I’d say the line is about even or darn near. I think people underestimate the timeliness it takes to open up the boundaries of communication for two people to even begin the process of a connection. And even then, it has to take place well before February, when the day fast approaches, it’s not like you can ask the night before and hit a homerun. No, now you’re caught stealing. While it’s difficult to pinpoint which gender has it tougher, I would venture to say that both sides are better off coupled together than being singled out. Give me liberty or give me a nursing major named Beth, whichever comes first.

By. Brian Jerry
Senior Writer