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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Crown Jewels 2/27 Edition:

Crown Jewels 2/27 Edition:

Now that’s what I call “Hip” Pop Volume One. At least that’s what Lady Gaga calls it anyway. The 26-year-old artist posted on her blog last week that she had hip surgery, and it “happened so fast.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, “The Fame Monster” canceled her “Born This Way Ball” tour last week, and apologized to all her little monsters for the abrupt changes. She posted a message thanking her fans, and said they gave her “a lot of strength.” Gaga admitted to reflecting on her fans as she was being wheeled off to surgery.

Referring to her fans, Gaga stated, “sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me. I wonder how it’s even possible.”

The pop star ended up canceling over 20 dates on the remainder of her tour, which began last April. She originally postponed four dates last week after, experiencing difficulties during her concert in Montreal. She explained to fans via Twitter that she’d hurt herself while performing some time ago.

Honestly, it’s not surprising that she would put these concert dates on the back burner for her fans if she knew she wouldn’t be able to perform up to par for them. Gaga has always been someone who always went out of her way to please her fans. One time in May 2011 during a nationwide recession, the artist priced a digital copy of her “Born This Way” album at 99 cents. Yes, you read that right guys and gals, 99 pennies.

Another time, she treated her fans to pizza and doughnuts. She gave everyone in line outside the Saturday Night Live studios for her performance [about 25 people] food and drinks for waiting in line over a two-day period. It was a token of her gratitude for their dedication as her fans.

But she takes it a step further in assuring her fans that they will get a 100 percent, “Ga-ga oh la la” before she ever takes the stage. I must admit, it’s an extremely commendable act to do if she didn’t feel up to par. Also, I’m sure those who bought tickets are guaranteed a complete refund, or will be vouched for her next show in the area. Regardless, the only thing bigger than her fame is that red thing that pounds everyday on the left side of her chest. Lady Gaga, please enjoy these specially designed, buffed crown jewels. Go hang them up somewhere. It’s indeed my pleasure I give them to you ma’am.

By: Brian Jerry

Senior Writer