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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by Mace & Crown Administrator


New York City, Austin, Texas and Norfolk: Cities Bursting With Talent

There is a certain unexplainable rush that comes with discovering a new music artist. Their music is captivating because they just want others to understand and enjoy their vision. They aren’t rich or famous yet, so there’s purity and a sense of innocence that hasn’t been tainted by major label demands, or the pressure to crossover. It is solely about the music and nothing else.

Over the past month, Old Dominion’s Student Activities Council highlighted talented local music artists in a concert series hosted in Webb Center. Each week, a different artist was allotted an hour to perform for new and old listeners. Those artists included L.Y.E.D, Era Hardaway, Conscious Kane and Galaxy Dynamite. Each artist represented a different musical genre or sub-genre, a different city or region and each artist had a unique style. However, no matter how different from one another, each artist represented Norfolk.

Musically, Norfolk is a melting pot and ODU supplied the ingredients. Students from across the nation choose to attend ODU and they bring their unique sound with them. It’s here they are able to nurture and to grow their sound and to gain the support of their classmates. Once they have the support of their classmates, they are able to share their talent with not only the ODU community, but the city of Norfolk. In doing so, they are able to push themselves as music artists and reach a larger audience.

Norfolk may not be a known for its music scene like New York City or Austin, Texas, but the talent is enormous here. Norfolk is filled with endless venues, radio stations and restaurants that support the local talent. Luckily, ODU is a part of that list. Our university is home to an abundance of talented students and those students need to be heard.

Music by L.Y.E.D can be found at Liveyoureverydesire.bandcamp.com.

Music by Era Hardaway can be found at EraHardaway.com.

Music by Conscious Kane can be found at Datpiff.com.

Music by Galaxy Dynamite can be found at GalaxyDynamite.com.

 By: Dominique Bailey

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

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