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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Career Fair Approaching

Career Fair Approaching

CMC Helps Students Prepare for the Spring Career Fair

“Prepare for the Fair” day aims to help students get ready for the upcoming spring career fair. The Career Management Center (CMC) will host the “Prepare for the Fair” day on Thursday, March 21 for students to practice their introductions, review resumes and get information on the employers. It will be held in Webb Center across from Starbucks from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Erin Mills, Assistant Director at the Career Management Center, works with the graduate assistants in the Career Management Center. The graduate assistants will be facilitating the  “Prepare for the Fair” and will be dress professionally to demonstrate the proper attire for the career fair. The assistants will also be able to answer any questions students might have about the fair or the companies that are attending as well as review resumes.

Mills describes the proper attire for the career fair to be suit and tie. At the prep day, “[the CMC] will have a talk back board where we post outfits where the students will pick an outfit and tell us a little bit about it. It gets them started thinking that it is important to dress up for the career fair and set a good first impression.”

“Things to avoid for the career fair would include wearing your backpack. Instead bring a portfolio with your resumes in it. Take out your ear buds. Don’t wear hoodies, jeans, or sneakers and things,” said Mills. “Make sure you are erring on the side of conservative with your wardrobe choices. That includes your hair to jewelry to fragrance.”

Quick Tips for Career Fair Success

  • Plan ahead-know who you want to approach
  • Prepare your 30-second commercial
  • Focus on the organization and their opportunities
  • Display a professional attitude-extra polite
  • Listen to what the recruiter says
  • Be respectful of the recruiters time
  • Ask the recruiter about the next steps
  • Get business cards-you can follow up
  • Follow up

Practicing introductions for the career fair is an important part of preparing. The CMC will hand out booklets with information on how to prepare your introduction or “30-second commercial.” It consists of who you are, your objective, past strengths and experience, accomplishments, passions and how they apply to the company you are talking to. The members of the CMC and graduate assistants will help students with their 30-second commercials at both the preparatory session and the actual career fair.

Randy Shabro, director of Employer Programs at the Career Management Center, shared tips that will help students find success at the fair. He urges student to not show up to the career fair in groups. “Employers are looking to hire individuals, not going to hire a group of people.”

Researching the companies and their available positions will increase chances of success in job searching. Shabro and Mills don’t want students to get discouraged when an employer tells them to apply online.

“The benefit of meeting face-to-face is getting the contact info and your questions answered,” said Mills.Shabro said only five percent of people follow up after meeting a potential employer. “You should send an email thanking them for their time. It will put your name back in their mind and increase your chance of getting an interview.”

In a follow up email, student should thank the employer for their time, ask if there are any other steps that they need to complete and reiterate their interest in the company. The email should be sent with in 24 hours of your first encounter.

The Spring Career Fair is projected to have 70 employers with positions available with their company. The CMC expects 1,000 students and community members to attend the fair. For more information on the fair, click the following link