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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Winner of ODU Harlem Shake Contest is announced

Winner of ODU Harlem Shake Contest is announced

Members of the Old Dominion University administration has chosen the ODU campus-wide Harlem Shake video as the winner of the contest.

Eight videos were submitted and the seven remaining videos received “special ancillary awards.” The awards are listed on the ODU Official YouTube page.

“We were never expecting Spielberg-quality, high-production value videos. Given the spontaneous and irreverent nature of the Harlem Shake phenomenon, we were hoping for and we received witty, spontaneous videos that made us laugh. It was great fun and that was the whole idea from the beginning,” said Lisa Sinclair, web communications specialist & university social media administrator.

The videos represent ODU’s humor as a university and ability to laugh at ourselves. “Humor brings people together and often creates a feeling of belonging. Those are two very positive things that can certainly bolster school spirit,” Sinclair said.

Besides the campus-wide video at Webb, the baseball team, football team, Mace & Crown, Basketball Band, Scotland House, ODU PRTS Majors, and ODU trapeze submitted videos. The videos can be viewed here!

Winner Overall:

Harlem Shake: Old Dominion University @ Webb Center


Ancillary Awards:

Best Use of Belly & Bunny Award – Mace & Crown

Best Use of Scary Clowns and Undulating Morph Suit Award – ODU Football

Best Use of Multiple Scooby Doos Award – Monarch Baseball

Best Paddling Pikachus Award – ODU Basketball Band

Most Tolerant Turtle Award – Scotland House Residence Hall

Frightening Small Children at the Playground Award – ODU PRTS Majors

Better than Cirque du Soleil Award – ODU Trapeze



By: Megan Jefferson