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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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It Gets Greener on the Other Side

It Gets Greener on the Other Side

Monarch Millionaire certifies students at the end of the financial literacy course

The Monarch Millionaire program certified students from all four financial literacy courses at a graduation ceremony held in the Big Blue room at the Ted Constant Convocation Center on Thursday night. The Monarch Millionaire program, Monarch Millionaire 2, Monarch Millionaire: military edition and Monarch Millionaire: LEAP edition had around 70 students walk across the stage and receive diplomas signifying their completion of the five week course. 150 people were in attendance to support the students who graduated as well as the success of the program.

The idea for the program grew from Bill Edmunds as he talked with a coworker about situations he dealt with daily working at the university. Edmunds would see students who could not pay their last semester’s debt, which held them back from signing up for the upcoming one. He wanted to educate students in financial literacy, thus Monarch Millionaire was born.

The graduation ceremony consisted of the guest speaker Kim Little, as well as speeches from instructors Robert Romm, Wayne Rudolph, and Justin Byrne. Danielle Johnson, a student in the Monarch Millionaire program and junior in international studies, made congratulatory remarks and thanked the many volunteers that help make this program possible. The instructors for the class volunteered their own time to teach students about debt and helped them understand how to manage money better.MM390377_262047750598091_1319077070_n

“People are up in the clouds about finances,” Johnson said. She said the program gives one practical steps to budgeting yourself. Guest speaker Kim Little is an advocate of keeping your word and doing what you say your going to do.

“You took on that debt saying you were going to pay it back,” Little said.

She works at Chartway Federal Credit Union and often runs into situations where people cannot pay on loans they took out. She urges the students to keep a good financial health and to “live below your means.”

Deb Swiecinski, associate vice president for administration and finance, is glad that the students now have an opportunity to talk about their financial situations and learn from each other’s mistakes. She said she was proud to hand each graduating Monarch Millionaire their diploma.

The Monarch Millionaire program hopes to grow their program as large as the students who need it. Edmunds hopes to reach between 500 and 1,000 students each year. Students can sign up for the financial literacy program via email at or visit their Facebook page.

By: Megan Jefferson