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Mace and Crown | May 25, 2018

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LOLZ in North Cafe

LOLZ in North Cafe

Comedian Adam Grabowski Visits Old Dominion
Fresh off of spring break, the Student Activities Councel welcomed ODU students back with “LOLZ at the Coffeehouse” which featured an hour of stand-up from comedian Adam Grabowski accompanied with free coffee to anyone near the North Mall on March 19 during activity hour.

Adam Grabowski is a 25-year-old from Chicago and psychology graduate of the University of Illinois. He said that he got into comedy while “productively procrastinating” grad school and ended up falling in love with being a comedian. Since then, he has performed at more than 200 colleges in 32 states. He prides himself in not being sexist, racist, stereotypical or offensive and has been awarded the Campus Activities Magazine’s Highest Rated Comedian the past few years.

Grabowski is also one of the few comedians who purposely does not rely on profanity.  He claims that “it’s harder to be clean” however, that only goes for swearing and not subject matter.  He stressed that his shows are clean for adults and still not meant for kids.  Mainly because the majority of his shows are done at college.  This show at ODU happened to be Grabowski’s one-hundred-and-first performance since August and he is scheduled to do at least 14 more by the end of this semester.

Grabowski’s performance consisted of rants from his everyday conversations about sports, pop culture, media and childhood memories. Throughout his performance, he encouraged the audience to shout out their favorite board games or Disney movies and told jokes on those suggested. Grabowski chose to be interactive with the crowd throughout his performance.

The comedian constantly picked on the overhype of pop stars by using a compilation of graphs and pictures for part of his set and performed parodies of popular radio songs such as “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen and “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha, but told from the perspective of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan kidnapping children.

Visit Grabowski’s official website at for more information.

 By: Kadeem Porter
Staff Writer