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Mace & Crown | February 20, 2018

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An Ode to Employment; A Final Farewell to Two Long Years

An Ode to Employment; A Final Farewell to Two Long Years

I will be stepping down as Editor-in-Chief starting April 1. Derek Page will be the Editor-in-Chief as previously stated in last week’s address. I was offered a wonderful position at a graphics company and could not turn the offer down. Although no one at this university loves working for the Mace more than I do, I had to make the adult decision and step down. It is important to look into the future and always stay two steps ahead of yourself. I knew I was graduating and planned to have a full time job before I walked across the stage. I just hoped it wouldn’t be this soon.

I am grateful for the opportunities that this paper has given me. I have worked with wonderful people throughout the two years I have been employed at the Mace. At the top of my list is Nicole Kiger. She has been my guiding light through out running this highly successful organization. With out her help, I have no idea if I would have survived this past year.

Nicole and Dr. Hoffmann were the two best advisors anyone could ask for. Dr. Hoffmann taught me how to write news stories and I think she did a pretty good job. She is still teaching me when to use “me” or “I” but I don’t know if I will ever figure that out. Nothing stuck more with me than when Dr. Hoffmann complimented me after laboring over the paper. She always knew the right thing to say to make all the suffering worth it. Nicole always helped me achieve everything I was trying to do at the paper. I thank her for coming to our Harlem Shake taping and bring her son to let us corrupt. It was a blast working with the both of you.

I want to thank Keisha and Sharon in OSAL for letting James and I bother them all summer long about budgets and what ever nonsense I had planned.

My staff has been my rock to stand on through out this past year. Jessica Starr, Alyssa Narvell, Derek Page, James Porter II, Jimmy Long, Ellison Gregg, Jordan Jones, Allison Terres, Megan Stamper, Ben Decowski, Steven Knauer, DeAngelo Thorpe, and Elaina Ellis. You all were such great student leaders and essential to the production of the paper each week.

I would especially like to thank James Porter II for being my “co-editor-in-chief.” He helped me make the tough decisions. James is by far the most interesting individual I have ever met. I will never get bored of his stories. He is a wonderful advertising director and friend.

Alyssa Narvell and Jessica Starr have been wonderful co-workers and friends through out my entire employment at the Mace. These two girls have put in just as much time producing this paper as I have. They are excellent at their positions and the paper is better because of it.

I want to thank Ellison Gregg and Jimmy Long for putting up with all my last minute changes to the mock every weekend. You two are troopers and always have your back against the deadlines. I appreciate all the wonderful things you have brought to this paper. You are both masters of your craft.MeggyJeffs_EllisonGregg

Sean Burke, I really loved being on the podcast every week. I will miss rambling on with you about topics loosely related to the paper. I hope you find a podcast companion to finish out the rest of the year. Mic checks were my favorite and I will cherish the April Fool’s podcast forever. I wish you the best of luck in your future at the Mace. You are a very dedicated writer and a very determined individual.

Brian Jerry, you’re crazy but it works. I loved editing your Crown Jewels every week. You have a character in your writing and it is such a joy to read. Keep on loving ODU baseball. You are their number one fan.

Derek Page, Jordan Jones, James Porter II and Ellison Gregg, you are the ones who will carry this paper into the future. You will be the returning staff for next year. Remember that. This paper is yours to mold into what fits best for this university. Keep your eyes open for talent and never turn anyone away. There are stories everywhere on campus. I trust that you will keep this paper going in the direction that I have planned for it.

To all our writers, without you there would be no paper. You are the ones that make our paper every week. You are the face of the Mace & Crown. You interact with the public and generate story leads. There are always places to advance your experience at the paper. Remember that. Especially because we are hiring and your time could be now.

Lastly, I would like to leave a few notes for Derek. Always be understanding and a friend to our writers. This is a learning experience and no one is perfect. As an Editor-in-Chief, you develop your leadership skills. You will learn to balance a hundred different things at one time. By no means did I get everything right the first time but I figured it out eventually. This job is VERY stressful at times but I trust that you will figure it out. Most importantly, put everyone’s number in your dang phone!

It is truly heartbreaking that I have to leave the paper before my time was up. As I was telling Nicole, I was really looking forward to spending the rest of the budget. There is nothing more satisfying than opening a box with a new computer inside.

Special thanks to Diane Dougherty, Matthew McCracken, Kyle White, Ben Decowski and Justin Brown. It was you all that got me hooked on the paper in the first place. I thank you for that.

Meggie Jeff, out.


By: Megan Jefferson


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