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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Advice Column

Advice Column

College can be stressful, so why make it more stressful by asking for advice from friends that are too fake to give you the real answer? Instead, you can ask Meghan! Anonymously ask Meghan your questions and get the answer you’ve been waiting for. Ask Meghan is an advice columnist ready to listen and help you with all of your dilemmas, whatever they maybe.  All posts are made anonymous. If you wish to write in  visit and search for “ODU Advice.”  If you like that advice given, like the page. There also is a link you can click on the page to submit your anonymous questions. If you do not have a Facebook, you can type in the web address instead:

Question: This girl and I get along pretty well, and we flirt hard at the bar with some touching involved. However, I know her longtime boyfriend pretty well. Is it wrong to “holler at  this girl?”

Answer: Yes, it is wrong to try and take your relationship with her a step further. Regardless of what her body language says at the bar, she still has a boyfriend. Most likely, she is not getting the attention she wants from her boyfriend, which is why she is flirting with you. You are giving her the attention she is craving. Is she wrong for doing this and messing with your head? Of course. Also, remember your loyalty is with her boyfriend. Don’t sacrifice your friendship over some girl that may come and go.
Chances are that if you do go for her you’ll end up losing a friend and you’ll lose the girl too because she will most likely choose her boyfriend over you. It may not be fair, but if she hasn’t left him for you yet, she probably won’t. What she wants is to have her cake and eat it too. In other words, she wants to have someone to go home to every night, meaning her boyfriend, and someone who gives her playful attention when she goes out and gets tipsy, you. You don’t want to be someone’s play toy when they have something else for them at home.

Next time you’re out at the bar, just play it cool.  Maybe try flirting with another girl there and expand your horizon. Don’t waste your time on some girl that already has a man. There are plenty of other single, worthy girls out there, and you’ll be able to find them once when you stop being toyed with! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

Question: “My roommate and I are really good friends. We do everything together, but lately it seems like she has stopped showering or something. She smells gross! I love her and don’t want to hurt her feelings, but she smells so disgusting that I can’t even stand to be around her anymore. What do I do?
Answer: When it’s our closest friends we sometimes have a hard time telling them the deep, honest truth because it may hurt them. So to avoid that, drop a hint. Something subtle like, “Wow, I hate when I forget my body wash when I jump in the shower, does that ever happen to you?” or  “When is the best time for you to shower? My day is jam packed and it’s easier for me knowing when you’ll be using the shower so I can plan when the best time is for me.” If you think that may be too obvious, offer for her to try some “free” samples of deodorant you got, and say you saw it featured in the latest issue of Cosmo!

By: Meghan Larson
Staff Writer