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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Inception: Tom DeLuca Hypnotizes Old Dominion Students

Inception: Tom DeLuca Hypnotizes Old Dominion Students

Hypnosis is a subject that has reoccurred in pop culture for centuries, yet to this day it still remains a mystery. Many wonder what hypnosis is and how it works. Luckily those inquiring minds have Tom DeLuca do show them the workings of hypnosis.

On Thursday, April 11 in the North Café of the Webb Center, Old Dominion’s Student Activities Council gave their peers a chance to experience first-hand what hypnosis was about. For an hour and thirty minutes, acclaimed hypnotist Tom DeLuca, demonstrated his skills on fellow Monarchs.

The event began with DeLuca explaining how hypnosis is a device used to enhance the imagination. Much to the disappointment of the crowd, DeLuca also explained that he would  not be asking the participants any personal questions. Hesitantly, the crowd watched as DeLuca began the process of putting the participants in a trance. After a few moments of soothing music and counting backwards, he stomped his foot, which caused the participants to instantly fall into a deep slumber. With the audience shocked, amazed and on the edge of their seats, he then proceeded to have the participants perform amusing tasks like dancing and  cheerleading.At one point he even had two female participants speak in a foreign language.

After performing various tasks, the participants were awoken from their trance.

After being awaken, hypnosis participant  Morgan Gaunt, an ODU sophomore, said, “After I felt a little out of it. It was almost that state that everyone is in when they just wake up in the morning.” She continued and said, “Being hypnotized feels like you’re in a trance. You’re awake and aware, but you’re in this state of relaxation that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud or something.”

Tom DeLuca is an Orlando based hypnotist. He began his career as a therapist after receiving his degree in psychology at the University of Illinois. Starting small, he began performing for local civic groups and slowly moved up to performing stage shows throughout the country until he  finally rose  to national recognition. He has been featured in a number of media outlets such as Good Morning America and CNN.

For more information on Tom DeLuca, visit his website at

By: Nephthalie Lauture

Staff Writer