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Mace & Crown | April 26, 2018

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That’s Not The Stage!

That’s Not The Stage!

A Midsummer Night’s Snapchat

Theater goers will be delighted as Old Dominion director Chris Hannah adds a modern twist to the classic Shakespearian comedy, “A summMidsummer Night’s Dream.”

Hannah and the ODU theatre department’s take on this classic is everything but conventional.

The play began showing on April 11 at the ODU Goode Theater and continued throughout this past weekend. Showings will resume on April 18 at 8pm and will continue running until April 20.

Those hoping to attend will be treated to a play that features enthusiastic casts members that embrace the directors vision.

The play features  a cast of about 40 spunky and interactive individuals. With this strong, supportive and quirky cast it was no struggle for Hannah as he created an add the equally quirky adaptation of this classic comedy.. “[This is] one of Shakespeare’s very best, and we had the cast to do it. The twists came out of the people we had to work with,” said Hannah. Hannah was not the only one eager about the project, as costume designer Bailey Cole shared, “It’s been a creative challenge, but unbelievably fulfilling for an artist.”  The art showed as the modern to mystical characters appeared under dream-inducing lights.

If the enthusiasm for this production wasn’t already apparent, it only grew larger with the cast. Lucy Bonino, who plays Puck in the play, said  “[The play] was great. [It was] a good experience. It was very different going from “Miss Firecracker” with a cast of six, to a cast of 32 people. Chris Hannah’s an excellent director. He really pulls out what he wants from you.” It seemed that everyone involved was equally overjoyed to be a part of such a production. As Rachael Edmonds put it, “the cast is a big family.”

Lovers of Shakespeare or those that simply enjoy a good laugh should come and enjoy the  humorous,modern spin  of this classic play. But attendees be warned, prepare yourself for close interaction with the cast members and their cameras!

By Lauren Mathews

Contributing Writer