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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Crown Jewels 4/24 edition

Crown Jewels 4/24 edition

About a year ago, I wrote an article entitled “American Idol versus The Voice” and gave you five reasons to choose the former over the latter. I ranted about everything from Idol having the better host, contestants, and judges. It was a very strong position for me, which I held for a very long period of time. But I’m here to say I truly apologize, I had no idea what the heck I was thinking.

The Voice blows Idol completely out of water. It’s beaten the former reality singing competition juggernaut in the coveted 18-49 demographic for weeks. I for one can officially say I’m no longer an Idol fan. I want nothing to do with that show anymore. But readers, I encourage you to check out Blake Shelton, Shakira, Usher, and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine in the near future. They are all worth your while. Everything from the chemistry, to the light-hearted even back and forth knee slappers they share on the show as opposed to disputes between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Keith Urban is about the only judge left on that show that doesn’t get on my last nerve standing. Sorry Randy Jackson, “Yo Whattup Dawg” expired about five seasons ago.

Nonetheless, please accept my sincerest apologies, and Watch The Voice instead.  If you’re a true singing show fan, you will not be disappointed. It’s funny how American Idol single handedly made sure that there would be a girl winner. So they proceeded to completely manipulate the show and select the weakest guys they could possibly find, pairing them with the “strongest” girls the show says they’ve ever had. I’m not buying that one. They’re all pretty average to me, honestly. I proudly purchased two of Phillip Phillips’ singles on iTunes, but I would never buy anything from the crop of ladies on the show currently. No offense, they’re just completely bland in my book. I wouldn’t have a problem with a girl winning if they had a bit of personality,  weren’t overshadowed by a handful of prima donna judges, and the byproducts of a manipulatively selective contestant process. Said to benefit them by the producers in an effort to assure the first female winner since Season 6’s Jordin Sparks, who I proudly voted for, by the way.

And with that, The Voice and NBC, I award you one of the proudest cyber jewel necklaces I’ve ever give anyone else. Idol, please go away soon, you’ve warn out your welcome that’s been on its last leg for quite some time. It’s been real, or maybe it hasn’t.

Mace Spray:

I have a dual award in mind for this one. First off, Dean Cain aka Spiderman, you need to give Uncle Sam his cut and stat. The man who played the superhero on the ‘90s TV show “Louis & Clark: The Adventures of Superman” was hit with two tax liens last week totaling $193,719. Ironically, he was billed on the 75th anniversary of the Superman comic book birth. The actor was also hit for unpaid taxes in the state of California in 2011 and 2012. Time to pay up, my friend. Uncle Sam, is the only person you CAN’T fly away from.

Well I guess he’s not a dinosaur from his accuser’s imagin-a-tion. The creator of the popular children’s series “Barney & Friends” was sued last week by a gunshot victim who claimed the creator’s son almost shot him dead.

Patrick Leach, the 27-year-old son of “Barney” creator Sheryl Leach, was arrested back in Jan. for allegedly shooting Eric Shanks in Malibu, California. Shanks claimed that Patrick aimed and fired at him while in a car that was parked at the home of Shanks’ mom.

Shanks was struck in the chest and is suing Patrick for assault and battery. Also, Sheryl is being hit with a negligence suit, claiming she should never have allowed Patrick to own a gun given his violent tendencies, while still living at home with mom.

Patrick pleaded not guilty to attempted murder in his criminal case. Wow.

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. I just ruined your childhood in a matter of paragraphs. You’re welcome.

That’s pretty crazy stuff, some of which I’m sure they’re not skipping around in the park and singing about. Tough luck guys, better call Baby Bop and B.J. up to the stand for this one.

Take the spray in the eyes Cain for being the alleged evader, and because you got to go home to Louis in the script every night and Patrick for still living at home with your mom at age 27. I’m kidding, but no really, don’t be so negligent and pay up. Whatever you guys do, leave the innocent purple dinosaur out of this. He did nothing to you all to deserve such negative publicity, so shame on you all.

Thanks for reading guys and gals, see you all back here next fall.

By. Brian Jerry

Senior Writer