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Mace and Crown | May 25, 2018

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Apparently Starships Were Not Meant to Fly After All

Last week, reports surfaced about Nicki Minaj’s 2012 summer hit “Starships” is a total rip-off of EDM star Clive Tanaka’s tune “Neu Chicago.” Tanaka filed a federal suit in Chicago last Wednesday against Minaj, three writers, and the song’s producer; claiming copyright infringement on his hit single. He even edited both songs on top of one other and posted the end result.

I don’t necessarily talk about Minaj much, but I must say that this is no shocker my friends. Listening to it for just a minute, could have you confused and it sounds like you’re listening to a Japanese pop song off a video game. I’m just sorry that she got caught and now must suffer the consequences of stealing someone else’s cheesy pop tune.

Great job Clive, you hold the jewels for the next seven days. Simply because I’m not too big a fan of the person you’re suing. I wish she was just a bit more humble and personable so I wouldn’t feel as bad. However she’s not, ¬†I don’t think I’ll be buying any of Minaj’s albums any lifetime soon folks.

Mace Spray:

From one former singing talent competition host, to four others.

Sorry fans, but this show is on its proverbial deathbed. The X-Factor USA version has been a complete and utter failure in the ratings; particularly in the 18-49 key television demographic where shows attract the most sponsors. Even with brand new hosts Paulo Rubio and Kelly Rowland to join music mogul. There hasn’t been much to attract brand new viewers. If they can’t do it with my wife from another life Britney Spears, then there’s little to no hope in reincarnating this series in my humble opinion.

The over-saturation of reality singing competitions, rising digital video recorders, and on-demand web show streaming. Has made prime time television producers chomping at the bit to attract the viewers’ attention. Needless to say, if things don’t improve this season; I see Cowell pulling the plug on the project altogether and Fox executives going back to the drawing board in attempt to rebrand the talent search. .

They’ve already lost yours truly, mainly because I’ve come to the emphatic conclusion, these talent competitions will never again create any worthwhile stars in the music industry. So I’ve given up, but that doesn’t mean Cowell or anyone else at the network should.

A spray in the face doesn’t necessarily mean you ¬†intentionally done something wrong. It’s just that it could serve as motivation not to park in life’s comfort zone. So move your amateur talent search vehicle before it gets towed.

Brian Jerry
Senior Writer