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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Ask Meghan

Question: I know this may sound stupid, but I am really superstitious and I don’t know what to do about Friday the 13th. My boyfriend got into a car accident four years ago on Friday the 13th and I haven’t been able to forget it since. Thankfully, he was okay but I still feel weird doing anything that could cause harm on a day like this. Am I crazy? Or is this normal?

Answer: Don’t worry. You’re not a alone. A lot of people have weird superstitions about Friday the 13th, such as ‘don’t get out and get your haircut.’

However, I do not think that you should alter your daily routine, like driving, just because of a date. I am sorry about what you had to go through with your boyfriend, but driving has become less of a privilege and more of a need in today’s world. You cannot interrupt things just because you are scared. You need to face your fears and realize that any of these things could happen on an ordinary day. And I would start by taking baby steps. Maybe let someone drive you on Friday the 13th instead of being the one driving. Good luck!

Question: I am in a bit of a dilemma. My best friend goes to a university, which I prefer to leave unnamed for confidentiality purposes. Anyways, I live all the way in New York and the commute is really far and I’ve never driven that long of a distance before by myself. I also feel like I’m obligated to go, even though I would rather stay home and just chill.

Answer: I would suggest bringing someone along with you to make the drive more bearable. This way, if you’re uncomfortable making the drive alone you can switch off with someone while you nap. Of course, run it by your best friend first, but I’m sure that “the more the merrier” saying is appropriate in the college setting. Secondly, if you are doing this to make your friend happy then you are a good friend, but you also need to think of yourself and your needs. Would your friend come up all that way to see you? If the answer to that is yes, then you have a loyal friend. If you have your doubts, then maybe you need to reevaluate your friendship. Talk to your friend about the complications of making the trip. A real friend would accommodate you and support you no matter what you choose to do.

Meghan Larsen

Staff Writer