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Mace and Crown | May 25, 2018

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Ataraxis the Ace & Masego at Borjo

Ataraxis the Ace & Masego at Borjo

Max Covington and Micah Davis are your average ODU students by day, but somewhere between classes they become performers that have no issues moving a crowd. This was proven last Thursday when the two teamed up under their creative monikers, Ataraxis the Ace and Masego, to pack Borjo’s coffee house to max capacity.

Convington, who also performs as Moonkid Max with local band The PicUp Kids, describes his sound as alternative hip hop with inspiration from indie pop/rock acts like Lana Del Rey, Marina & The Diamonds, Tegan & Sara, Matt & Kim, and Paramore.

Davis sticks to more of a jazz-fusion, alternative hip-hop and EDM tone since he found out a sixth grade love interest liked jazz.

The popularity of the show even seemed to shock the performers.

“I was anticipating a lot of people, but I definitely was surprised when the Borjo staff came to me telling me that we had reached capacity and no more people could come in” said Covington. “Nobody is forcing anybody to come out and see me perform, so it’s always a really humbling moment when things like that happens.”

It seems  their tactic to “give a lot of free content so people want to invest in you”  is working and will help them accomplish their goals of expanding out with more people and sounds to eventually do local tours.

Their angle for expanding their number of listeners and moving their talent to a national platform is to give a lot of free content so people want to invest in their music.

The two were accompanied on stage by fellow students including DJ Dennis Wayne and Travis Waller, playing background music and instruments during the sets which ended in a fun mini rap cypher that other musical artist could participate in on stage.

Covington got to perform his favorite song “Extraordinary,” which talks about his spark in making music after getting “boo’ed and laughed off stage at [his] first talent show here at ODU” and Liberty where he raps, “Everywhere I go, my energy is potent. Visualizing your dreams isn’t bogus. It’s true, it’s true, if you focus, you’ll do, you’ll have anything you want.”

These songs and more can be found on his debut solo mixtape “The Angst Diary: Finding Autumn,” which can be downloaded for free via and Micah Davis called “Masego Music” can also be found on the internet.

Kadeem Porter

Staff Writer