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Mace and Crown | May 27, 2018

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News can be harrowing, but Old Dominion University graduate and professional football player Ronnie Cameron has found a way of spreading the bright side of current events with Bonfire Impact.

Bonfire Impact is the cyber brainchild of Cameron.  It is a unique type of news blog that advocates social awareness and highlights nonprofits and human rights groups, social awareness, charitable organizations, and education advocacy.

Cameron also said he wants to get young people excited about being socially active and making a difference in the world.

“I felt like there was another platform that was necessary for people who were doing the right things. I actually read the news a lot, and it’s always negative coverage-whether it be politics or crime. I first hand got to hear from a lot of great people, and I feel like that needed more media attention.  I took it upon myself to just start the company myself,” Cameron said.

Cameron completed his bachelor’s degree in information technology at Hofstra University and later chose Old Dominion University to complete his master’s of arts in business administration concentrated in information technology.

While playing football for the Monarchs, he was recognized as the CAA Defensive Player of the Year. He then graduated from ODU in 2011 and has since moved on to bigger fields within the NFL.

Cameron became an undrafted free agent of the Chicago Bears, and later moved to the Cleveland Browns. He is currently on the practice squad with the Philadelphia Eagles.

It was when he was volunteering and playing with the Browns that he got the idea to create his own news network. He loves football, but he said he hopes the work he does when the football day ends will change the world.

“It’s pretty much like the Huffington Post for a lot of the stories that don’t always get noticed,” Cameron said.

Contributing to the Huffington Post is where Cameron inherited his love of writing about social issues and awareness.

“We wanted it to be kind of a beacon for hope and it came together from there. Impact is the affect I want to have on the world,” Cameron said.

His goal is to bring organizations’ causes and issues together so people who care or are interested can find information in one place. Such people are those working for Cameron.

“Everybody that we have working for us are volunteers and they are super-excited and are really passionate about the issues we cover.  Hopefully this reaches the younger generation and sparks an interest in them actually getting up and doing something,” Editor-in-Chief Ashley Dale said.


Bonfire Impact has already partnered with over 24 organizations, including the NFL Players Association, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.

Cameron is also working to increase awareness of the good works, charities and philanthropy of pro athletes, especially those in the NFL, by dedicating a section of the website to them.  He works closely with the National Football League Players Association in an effort to promote positive news about athletes.

For more information about Bonfire Impact, visit

Pamula Floyd

Staff Writer