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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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ODU Graduate Joins Ranks of 28 Black Female Finance Business Professors in Country

ODU Graduate Joins Ranks of 28 Black Female Finance Business Professors in Country

Old Dominion University graduate[NK1]   Kimberly Luchtenberg recently joined the ranks of only 28 female, African-American finance business school professors in the U.S., the PhD Project announced.

Luchtenberg earned her master’s and doctorate in business administration-finance from ODU and has joined the faculty at East Carolina University as an assistant professor of corporate finance.

“Dr. Luchtenberg has succeeded in the very difficult endeavor of becoming a b-school professor,” PhD Project President Bernard J. Milano said in a prepared statement. “She has demonstrated dedication, hard work and intelligence in joining the rapidly growing ranks of minorities choosing to influence the next generation of business leaders as college professors. “

Luchtenberg attended the 2007 November PhD Project Conference and is a member of The PhD Project Finance Doctoral Students Association. She said the conference taught her much of what it takes to be a university business school professor.

“The PhD Project showed me that being a professor meant performing research in addition to teaching and service.  The balance…the rigor involved with publishing journal articles and the challenge of educating students really appealed to me,” she said.

The PhD Project aims to diversity corporate America by increasing the number of minority business professors. Since its inception in 1994, the number of minority business professors has increased from 294 to 1,217, according to the project.

“It’s an amazing organization that has supported me through every step of the PhD process,” she said. Following the 2007 Conference, I took my GMATs and was accepted to ODU’s PhD program. That summer, before I started my program, the PhD Project sent me to Hawaii for a conference where I heard from leading researchers and teachers, as well as editors at the elite finance journals. [NK2]

Following the 2007 conference, Luchtenberg said. The program sent her to Hawaii that summer for a conference where she heard from leading researchers, educators, and editors of elite finance journals.

After the PhD Project conference, she was allowed to stay and attend the Western Finance Association conference to hear research papers be presented at one of the top finance research conferences. In addition to gaining valuable information, she developed a network of friends and colleagues that is an extended form of support.

“Now that I have graduated, I am giving back by being a faculty adviser, helping to plan next year’s conference, she said.

Participants will join one of the project’s five student associations, which provide resources and a support network.

She has advice for minority students thinking about pursuing a PhD.

“Take some time to figure out what being a professor is really like because it may be different than you expect. Study hard for the entrance exams and seek help and support wherever you can. The PhD Project is one excellent place for support. Getting a doctoral degree is a tough and grueling process, but it is also very rewarding,” she said.

Luchtenberg also said that it is important for business students who are pursuing their PhD’s to network, to listen to research papers being presented at national conferences, and to present their own research whenever possible.

For more information, visit the PhD Project’s website here.  (

Pamula Floyd
Staff Writer