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Mace & Crown | April 26, 2018

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Apple Releases IOS 7

Apple Releases IOS 7

 Apple’s iOS 7 has stirred things up in the past week, causing hype by consumers, but now they can dive into a new era with just a touch of a screen.

Apple publicly released the iOS 7 operating system for the iPhone and the iPad 4th generation and above, and the iPod Touch 5th generation and above last week. The new operating system brings in a new interface that antiquates the previous one with a new sleek and colorful aesthetic as well as increased functionality.

The most user-friendly feature added to the new iOS7 is the Control Center, which can be accessed by simply swiping up when at the Lock Screen. At this new screen you can easily access common features like airplane mode, music, alarms, screen brightness, calculator and do-not-disturb. New to this screen, however, is an app that had previously plagued the App Store business section, the Flashlight.

Also new to iOS 7 is Airdrop, which allows users to transfer videos, pictures, and other media over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Files will be encrypted so privacy is kept priority in this new feature.

Users of FaceTime can also expect the new FaceTime Audio feature that lets users call other iOS 7 users and allows them to save their call minutes with their cell phone provider if needed. Any iOS7 device can contact another iOS7 device over with voice and only using data if connected to a Wifi network. The significance is that it potentially eliminates the need for cell phone providers to allocate minutes to users.

Pandora and Spotify have a new competitor in the free music market, as Apple releases iTunes Radio. This new addition to Apples music arsenal functions much like Pandora, where users select a genre and even a specific subset of that genre that will play randomly selected songs that match. Stations can be modified to play only hit songs or set to newer songs for you to discover. Each song is also handily available for purchase, as it plays, with a button in the top corner of your screen.

CNET gave the iOS 7 a four out of five star rating saying that the “new design makes it a compelling upgrade that completely transforms Apple’s mobile OS.”

By Alberto Fernandez

Contributing Writer