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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Journey of Mystery: A Night on the SAC Mystery Bus

Journey of Mystery: A Night on the SAC Mystery Bus

A mystery bus: charging a fare of $3 for a three hour ride to an unknown destination. Without any more clarification I signed up, ready for the night ahead.

It was 8 p.m. I walked onto the bus still oblivious to its destination. Whispers floated through the air as the other patrons wondered the same question as I. Where are we going?

As students trickled onto the bus I began to predict our destination. A member of SAC boarded the bus and asked if we were ready to know where we were going only to be met with a resounding ‘No!’ the mystery would remain.

As the bus turned South down Hampton Boulevard, I immediately thought of the plethora of establishments on 21st Street.

We again turned, East on 26th Street, my first guess was wrong. Could we be going to Chrysler Hall? The Norva?

We turned onto St. Paul’s Avenue Southbound and I thought for sure I had figured out where we were going.

Just as I thought I had everything figured out, we were turning onto Interstate 264. Downtown Norfolk is out of the question but the entirety of Hampton Roads is now a possibility. I had no idea where this bus was taking me.

As the bus hurdled down the interstate heading east I thought perhaps Virginia Beach’s Town Center could be our destination, but as we passed the Independence Boulevard exits, that idea was gone.

Could we be going all the way to the beach? That was not the case as we began to exit Southbound on Lynnhaven Parkway. Could it be Lynnhaven Mall? How much time would we have before it closed?

As the bus turned towards the Mall, there it was. In bright blue lights our destination glowed. Without confirmation the entire bus began to buzz. We knew where we were going. Dave & Buster’s.

We stepped off the bus, were given a $20 card to spend on our choice of food or games and let loose upon the establishment. Two hours later the bus had returned and we filed back on hands full of tickets, bags, and prizes.

The quiet whisper from the start of the trip was gone, replaced by the sound of a dozen different stories being told across the bus.

We made our way back to Old Dominion University and one by one set off into the night, our journey over, our mystery solved.

By James Porter II

Advertising Director