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Mace & Crown | February 19, 2018

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Hello It’s Me: Eduardo “Dito Fresko” Richards

Hello It’s Me: Eduardo “Dito Fresko” Richards

NOVA Rapper Relocates to Hampton Roads

Eduardo Richards, also known by his stage name “Dito Fresko”, is an upcoming rapper from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Richards recently relocated to Virginia Beach with a 2012 EP, two Youtube music videos and live performances under his belt.  He is currently working on a demo that he hopes will attract the attention of independent record labels in Hampton Roads.

Richards released his EP “Hello It’s Me” online in late 2012. The record is available at and features eight tracks that are a mesh of contemporary hip hop and rap with an underlying big band feeling. Richards said inspiration for the album came from the moment he was in while writing it. “It’s a conceptual album. It’s exactly what was happening at the time.” Richards said.

“Hello It’s Me” may speak for Richards past but now he is focused on writing his future. Currently he’s building a demo with new tracks that will be dropping soon. Richards describes his new music as “sonically different” than anything he has released yet. “The beats are a lot more intense and the songs are made to evoke different feelings and almost put you in the moment as if you’re there with me.”

But Richards says making music isn’t all it takes to be successful in the entertainment industry. He is also working on his image and presence by building a press kit and plans to attend TCC in the Spring of 2014 to study business administration.

With some college level business classes behind him Richards believes that education will help him reach his musical goals. “I’ve learned to apply it to music because really you’re a business yourself,” Richards said. “When you’re an artist a lot of times you’re like, “I just want to feel inspired and feel what was in the moment and be organic about everything.” But you have to have a grind. If you want to keep your music organic, keep it organic but know you should spend money to promote it.”

Now firmly settled in Hampton Roads, Richards is looking to get a feel for the local music scene by collaborating with local artists and doing performances as he builds his demo. “I’m very excited to be here,” Richards said. “I really want to get into the music scene around here, meet some people… do collaborations. Come up with some dope shit together. Let’s do it for the beach.

By Adrienne Mayfield

Assistant Arts&Entertainment Editor