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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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A Howling Good Time: Top 5 Scariest Places in Virginia

The season of the black cats and menacing ghouls is officially upon us. Historical Virginia is home to a handful of haunted landmarks that may leave the most experienced ghost hunter shrieking.

The Legends

George Mason University Gazebo (Fairfax, VA)

A drowned man’s body was found sitting in the gazebo that borders the campus pond. His spirit continues to haunt the area with spooky sightings of the man staring at his killer from the edge of the water. Occasionally, the shy ghost is spotted in the gazebo trying to lure women to come sit by him but vanishes himself when accommodated.

Old Towne Inn (Manassas, VA)

Long before there was a Bates Motel, there was the Old Towne Inn. The resident ghost, Miss Lucy, is believed to watch over four of the 56 hotel rooms and sometimes enjoys interacting with guests. She enjoys levitating her new friends as well as making startling noises, toying with doors and messing up beds.

Wakefield High School Auditorium (Arlington, VA)

The Wakefield high school auditorium is haunted by more than performances past. People who have worked in the theatre reported feeling overwhelmingly depressed when working in the sound booth. Spotlights flicker and swing by themselves and the piano plays without a pianist. The responsible spirit may be found sitting alone on the balcony  enjoying his terror from above.

Walney Road (Chantilly, VA)

Before Walney Roadwas paved, a driver mowed down a pedestrian during their nighttime walk. Now, his spirit can be seen hitchhiking along the road around midnight. If you drive past, denying him a ride, he’ll appear twice more along the road. This ghost doesn’t take rejection well. If after the third time your car passes him with an empty passenger seat he will materialize in the car, often causing fatal car accidents.

The Bunny Man Bridge Colchester Overpass (Clifton, VA)

In the early 1990s a bus carrying the inmates of the Clifton Asylum crashed with one prisoner managing escape. After his disappearance, skinned and half-eaten rabbit carcasses were found hanging from trees around the bridge and in the bridge’s tunnel. Since his disappearance, there have been reports of a man wearing a rabbit costume with an axe threatening intruders who venture onto his property.

Haja Marie Kabba

Contributing Writer