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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Questioning Reasons

John A. Baker Jr. , an American comedian, actor and artist from Los Angeles, Calif. known on YouTube by Spoken Reasons, performed in North Cafe, Oct. 25. His channel has over 1.5 million followers with hits like “Electric Wheelchair,” “Why you lyin” and “This Goes Out To My Momma” from his mixtape called “New King of Comedy.” His latest album, “The Game Changer” was released June 23, 2013. He has worked with celebrities including 50 Cent, Sandra Bullock and Priscilla Renea. Most recently, he appeared in “The Heat” staring Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, which opened in theaters June 28, 2013. His moniker came from realizing the power of words, stating, “Everything that comes out of your mouth has a living with purpose.”

1. How did you feel tonight? How did you like the crowd, the energy?

“I felt like the crowd was very, very great. They showed all the love in the world. I would come back if they chose to bring me back. It was just a dope show, man. It was just a place for me to really express my comedy and my art in different shapes and forms. A lot of comedians, they come with a set that’s structured, and I do that as well but I also like to incorporate crowd participation and everything else. So, overall, I’d give the show a 10.”


2. Is this your first time performing in Norfolk and, if so, how would you rank it in terms of crowd electricity?

“Yeah, this is my first time here. I feel like this school, it was actually one of the best schools that I’ve been to. A lot of schools that I go to, they come with like that tough love and they try to give me a hard time when I’m on stage and I have to come up with an icebreaker but this school didn’t give me that much of a hard time. I enjoyed it.”


3. Talk about your past experience. Where did you get your inspiration for your comedy and your poetry and how did you [learn how to] merge them together? Where did that come from, what inspired you the most?

“My inspiration comes from struggles, life experiences. I believe everything that you go through, it’s not your story to tell. It’s actually God’s and it’s your job as an entertainer or as an individual or as an artist to spread it to the people and get your message across. That’s exactly how I got into it. The poetry came from me just waking up one day and I wanted to do something different with my life. The comedy came from when I hopped on YouTube and I actually couldn’t market poetry. So, that’s exactly how it all came together.”


4. Tell us about your upcoming spots. How can fans stay connected with you if they want to come to another show? What would they do?

“You can catch me on my Facebook.I leave a lot of updates on my Twitter. I’m always talking on there, especially on Instagram. You can always catch me on stuff like that. I will actually be in ‘The Real Husbands of Hollywood’ starting next year. Me and Kevin Hart will be going at it next year I can’t really get into details but look for me on ‘The Real Husbands of Hollywood’ next year.”


5. Finally, are there any final words you want to say to your fans out there?”

“F.C.H.W. Faith, consistency and hard work. Without it, you will lose. You have to apply all three to get where you want to be in life and get everything that you want and you need. So, once you apply all those, you really can’t lose. It’s an inspiration, it’s gas to your motor vehicle from one place to another. That’s what I have to say. Take it with you.”

Haja Marrie Kabba

Contributing Writer