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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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The Benchwarmers: That Unforgettable Night

The Benchwarmers: That Unforgettable Night

We are forever enamored with moments that take our breath away.

Whether it’s getting on that one roller coaster you were always afraid to ride, being in the company of the one you love or hearing that one song while driving on that near-perfect night that you’ll never forget, we constantly experience beautiful moments, regardless of whether we realize them or not, that will forever and always be engraved on our hearts.

Certainly, the same can be said about sports.

Call to mind the 2013 ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers.

Now, unless you’re a Sox fan, you probably thought the Tigers would pull out the series in, say, four or five games after having witnessed their impressive victory in Game 1.

Honestly, throughout the majority of Game 2, the Tigers looked as if they were primed and ready to pop open some champagne.

In the eighth inning, however, everything changed.

Trailing 5-1, Beantown’s outspoken leader, David Ortiz, stepped up to bat with all of Fenway praying for a miracle.

They got one.

“Bang” was the sound that echoed throughout the park, and all televisions sets of those watching at home, as a 4-run shot skyrocketed over the wall, placing the Sox in position to win not only that game but the series, too.

Seeing that play and the reactions of fans was a heartwarming sight, indeed.

Although many of us were at home watching, we still experienced the same sensory details as those jumping out of their seats, well, except for having to stand in spilled beer, peanut shells and crushed up popcorn.

Maybe a few people had the aroma of beer and Fritos permeating throughout their quarters, too, but, anyway, you catch my drift.

No one will forget that moment or any other that has yet to come.

With the various stresses that we all go through on the regular, recalling such fond memories takes away a little bit of the pain that is constantly etched within the notebook of our lives.

And guess what else?

There is much more that is to be written.

Welcome to the mind of The Benchwarmers, where Brian Saunders and Eric Guy will be delivering sports content in an insightful, entertaining, and refreshing manner, all the while pushing to break the barriers that exist between the reader and author.

Get comfortable, for this is going to be a journey unlike any other.

Eric C. Guy

Staff Writer